Revenge is a Dish Best Served Hot

Erika was just a normal girl until one day she was forced to become more, much more. Will she find love or die trying?


1. Prologue


My day started out as any other, normal day. I was on my way to school jamming to my music while walking, if only I knew then how quick life can change. I never made it to school that day because on the way I was attacked by something, something out for blood. But by some miracle, or curse, even though I was injured badly I survived. That attack opened my eyes to a world unlike anything that I have ever known. My life was changing and I had no choice but to change with it, or risk going insane.

I began training shortly after I was released from the hospital; my parents were more than willing to pay for it since the attack. I learned many different kinds of fighting styles such as Bakom, Lerdrit, and Dambe. All of these forms are very dangerous and very deadly, but because of my self control I am able to only seriously injure my opponent instead of killing them.

Because of my determination and motivation I quickly mastered them all and became the perfect weapon, or at least that’s what the government said. A man approached me one day and offered me a job, he said that I would “make a difference in the world.”, and “Save hundreds of innocent lives.” Ha he only wanted to use me, but that’s okay because I’m using him too.

I became an assassin and my code name was Black Wolf, or just Wolf for short. Only those who are in my section know my real name, which is Erika. My mission is to rid the world of creatures like the one who attacked me.

I soon learned that it was a rouge vampire that attacked me, or just R.V. for short. These are vampires who have given into their blood lust, and are no better than wild animals. There are others who blend in with society and are quiet high up in the social standings. For example the current First Lady, Mrs. Obama, is a vampire; why do you think she wants all the kids to eat healthy?  Another is Will Smith, no human can act as well as he can. However some of these vampires do become R.V.s and it’s my job to kill them.

Our organization is called V.F.D. I know, I know like in the Series of Unfortunate Events, but it wasn't my idea. It stands for Vampire Fighter Deployment, again not my idea. The leader of V.F.D. is a man we all refer to as Slash, he has long black hair with a purple tint that reaches mid-back. His eyes are so silver that they look like twin pools of moonlight. He also has two purple strips on each of his cheeks. All-in-all he’s pretty hot, but he doesn't talk much. I've only met him twice, once when I first got here and twice when I took the ‘Test’ to see if I was V.F.D. material.

My personal mission, as I’m sure you have already guessed, is to find the R.V. who changed my life and end his. With my team I plan on doing just that. I only wish for peace once that is done, I don’t plan on letting this curse get the best of me and I’d sooner die than give in and become a monster.

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