My Brothers Best Friend

What happens when your Brothers Best friend moves in? Do you fall in love? Do you date in secret? Does life get better? Do you do things you'd never do? Read this to find out


6. Ready

"Ni." you whisper.

"Yeah babe?" he says looking at you.

You smash your lips against his begging for an entrance. Niall pushes you down and lays on top of you.

"Ni, I-i need you, please, I beg you!" you say

"Babe, you sure? I don't want to push you." Niall says.

"Niall please!!! I need you! you say.

With that, he leaves sloppy kisses down your waist while rubbing your clit with his thumb.

"N-niall, I need you in me, now!" You say a little louder.

Finally he takes your pants and underwear and pulls them down to your waist.

"Wow, is this all because of me?" he says laughing.

"NIALL! PLEASE!" You say again

"Is my girl eager? Well then" he says slamming into you.

"F-FUCK!! NIALL" you yell

"Shh... Shh. baby calm, it's okay, I'll start slow." he says.

"O-okay" you say finally getting use to his large boner.

"Okay, baby I'll be careful" Niall says pumping in and out of you.

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