My Brothers Best Friend

What happens when your Brothers Best friend moves in? Do you fall in love? Do you date in secret? Does life get better? Do you do things you'd never do? Read this to find out


5. PunishMent

Blake's point of view

Idc if they like each other. I'm trying to protect Bailey. Yes I said protect! Niall is a try hard and will do anything to get what he wants. They've been dating almost 3 weeks, the longest Niall can actually date someone! And with that, I haven't heard moaning. So we're good. I guess.

Your point of view

*buzz, buzz*

Niall: Hey babe ;)

You: Heyyy!!!

Niall: I miss you!!

You: I'm downstairs you nitwit!

Niall: oh, right, be right down (;

You: okay💋

"BOO!" Yells Niall

"DON'T DO THAT" you turn around pushing him!

"What's my punishment this time?" He asks

"No kissing for an hour!" You tell him

"What NOOOO!" Niall says making a pouty face

"I said kissing! We can still cuddle and watch movies!" you say

"True, but it's not the same." he says picking you up and laying you next to him.

"What movie do you want to watch babe? he says


"I said movie, but okay." He says leaning in to kiss you.

"NOPE, remember the punishment." You tell him

"Ugh fine!" He says getting the remote and turning on the tv.

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