My Brothers Best Friend

What happens when your Brothers Best friend moves in? Do you fall in love? Do you date in secret? Does life get better? Do you do things you'd never do? Read this to find out


3. Date Me

Okay.. weird but what ever. Blake is idk where, Niall is on the other couch... Wait.. He is next to me now

"Hey lovely." He says


"You okay? Or did I got too far too fast?" Niall says

"What? No! I liked it"

"So you're okay with it?" He says

*Niall's point of view*

Wow… she is perfect. why does Blake have to get in the way? Ugh, this is so hard! Blake is my best friend! Bailey is a really hot sister that I need!

"Niall!?" You yell

"What, sorry I was just thinking. Umm, would you like to uh, be my girlfriend?"

"Lol, yes!!" You say jumping on to his lap!

"Well, then I can do this" he says smashing his lips to yours!

You stand up and take his hand and run downstairs!

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