My Brothers Best Friend

What happens when your Brothers Best friend moves in? Do you fall in love? Do you date in secret? Does life get better? Do you do things you'd never do? Read this to find out


4. Awkward

You push Niall down onto your bed, you sit down and start kissing. Then, Niall flips you over so he is on top.

"Niall, stop, we can't I mean I've never!" you say

"Baby, I mean Bailey. I've got you don't worry! Niall says kissing you again

"Okay." You whisper

Niall makes sloppy kisses all down you body. He then rubs his thumb over your clit making you moan.

"Niall, I can't, it's awkward and too early in the relationship, I understand if you want to leave." You say starting to tear up.

"B-baby, don't cry. It's okay I understand. It's all up to you, please, I will never leave you. Even if Blake gets in the way, I'll do anything to be with you. I love you" Niall says sitting up and pulling you on to his lap.

"T-thank you Ni. Kiss me again." You giggle pushing Niall down.

"Well, this is awkward." He says before kissing you.

"I love you Ni." You say before kissing him.

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