siall- stevie and niall

stevie is a singer in little mix and dates niall horan this is there story x


7. the brit awards

*3 weeks later*

Stevie's p.o.v

It was the night of the brit awards, i was so excited. Niall is still on crutches but should be alright. I am in the little mix dressing room at the moment getting my hair and make-up done then i will put my dress on. "There you go stevie, you look amazing!" Aaroon said "thanks!" i replied. I went and put my dress on, all the girls were ready so we went out to our car and headed to the red carpet.

Nialls p.o.v

I was really excited for tonight, me and the boys had been on a break for a while. I walked in the dressing room "niall!" lux screamed as she ran towards me "hiya!" i replied. I was still on crutches so i couldn't pick her up. I hobbled over to lou she did my hair then i went and put my clothes on.

Stevie's p.o.v.

We stepped out the car and all the fans screamed. "WOW, i didn't expect that" i said to the girls they nodded in agreement. We walked over and started taking pictures and giving out autographs. We all walked up to get groups pics taken by the press.

Nialls p.o.v.

We stepped out the car and all the fans screamed. It was amazing, we walked over and greeted the fans. We then walked over to the board and saw little mix geting their photo taken, they looked amazing especialy Stevie. Once they had finished we got our photos taken.


I ditched the crutches a few pics.


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