siall- stevie and niall

stevie is a singer in little mix and dates niall horan this is there story x


5. chapter 4

*1 week later*

Nialls P.O.V

I got out of hospital about 2 days ago, Stevie has had to do a lot of shows so i'm in on my own alot.

I pulled out my phone and called Zayn

  phone call: n:hi Zayn z:hey Niall wots up n: Do u want to go and suprise the girls at their concert ? z:Niall are you sure thats a good idea with your knee you only got out 2 days ago? n: please i want to get out the house please? z:okay i will come and pick you up in 10 mins ok? n:yeah thats fine see you then bye.

i ended the call then went upstairs very slowly.

Zayn arrived and we headed off to the concert.

Stevies p.O.V

I have had alot of shows lately and i am happy about that just i'm worried about niall. I decided to call him, but there was no answer i began to panick. Jae came over "Stevie whats wrong?" "it's Niall there was no answer, what if he has fallen over or what i-," "Stevie calm down he's probably just asleep or something come on we need to go to the stage."

I walked over to the stage and started to sing.

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