siall- stevie and niall

stevie is a singer in little mix and dates niall horan this is there story x


4. chapter 3

*1 hour later*

stevies p.o.v

Niall has woken up now and is in a lot of pain, the nurse gave him some paracetamol but i don't think it helped!

"niall i'm going to nip home and get some clothes for us, call me if anything changes alright?" " yeah will do babe," niall said in pain. I gave him a kiss on his head then walked out to my car.

I got home and my phone rung. "Niall whats up ahs something happened,are you alright?" " babe calm down im fine, i just phoned you to ask if you could bring me something to eat?" "yeah thats fine honey see yoou soon," i sihed in releif. i went upsatairs and packed some more clothes for me and niall. I then went into the kitchen and made niall a cheese sandwich and picked up a bottle of water then went back to the hospital.

nialls P.O.V

Stevie went away ages ago, i feel sorry for her because she has waited at the hospital since i have been in and i feel terrible because she hasn't been sleeping well becaus eshe is in my bed with me and during the night i groan alot in pain. Just then the door opened then my princess  walked through the door. " there you go babe," she said as she handed me a cheese sandwich and a bottle of water. " thank you princess, you look reallly tired maybe you could go home tonight and sleep there?" " no, i'm not leaving you here on your own." she mumbled.

After i ate my sandwich and drunk my water i looked over at Stevie and she was asleep on the couch, i went on twitter and tweeted.

@niallofficial: @stevie_official your an angel you've been with me all week i hope she gets some good sleep in the end!


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