siall- stevie and niall

stevie is a singer in little mix and dates niall horan this is there story x


2. chapter 1

stevies p.o.v

tonight lm and 1d are having a xmas party with our families. i can't wait im really excited me and perries outfits were amazing.

at the party

"hey, stevie w-w-wanna stay-y at mine t-t-tonight?" niall asked/stuttered. " look irealy like you please can we be couple?" niall said to back up hisz question. " yeah sure sounds fun, i like you to yeah lets be a cue couple!" i giggled.

*1 mont later*

nialls p.o.v

today i go into hospital for my knee surgery stevie is at the hospital with me, i as take in last night stevie stayed with me she didn't wanna leave me. "Wake up princess," i gently whispered into her hear. she woke up and just stared at me with a worried look. " it will all be fine babe" i said while placing my head on her shoulder. she satrted crying but shotly was stopped when there was a knock on the door.

stevie p.o.v

the nurse came in "good morning mr horan, we will be taking you round in 15mins." i looked at Niall he turned his back to me, i walked over to him annd stroked his back. " can we go get some freshy air babe," he asked while grabbing his crutches. " yeah sure lets go honey," i agreed.

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