How much I love you

You are feeling insecure but ashton, like always, is there for you and comforts you.


1. this is how much I love you

You turned on your computer and went on Twitter on to find a bunch of hate. You had been getting all of this hate and you couldn't stand it. You decided to go to the bathroom and pick up your razor. You hadn't cut in years because you promised ashton you would stop. He doesn't have to know. You told yourself. You pulled down your pants and cut on your hips so he wouldn't see unless you two made love in the next week or so. You carved the words fat, useless, ugly, dumb, and many other words. Soon enough, ashton came home to see you on the couch in one of his sweatshirts and some yoga pants. "Hey y/n!" He said. "Hey ash." You said trying to sound happy but he didn't believe it. He could always tell when you were hiding something. He sat on the couch and tried to pull you over but your hips touched and scraped on the couch stretching out your cuts. You yelped and pulled away from his embrace. He knitted his eyebrows. He lightly put a hand on your hips and you sucked in a huge breath. He looked up at you and pulled down a little bit of your yoga pants. "Babe." He breathed out. You began to cry. "I'm sorry ash. I just got so much hate and I just couldn't help it. I'm so sorry." You cried. "Does this say fat? Useless? Ugly? Dumb?" He asked starting to get angry. You nodded wiping the tears from your cheeks. "Babe, not kidding you are 110 lbs! Seriously I will make you eat more because you are so skinny! You aren't useless, you make me happy and all of the boys happy! You are definitely not ugly! I mean seriously, the first time I met you I thought you were smoking hot and when we went on our first date, you wore make up and you honestly didn't need it. And if you think you are dumb, think again. I can't read half of the Shakespeare books you read." He told you you began to cry again. "Babe, don't cry!" He told you and hugged you. "Ash, th-they're tears of j-joy. I love you s-so much!" You managed to get out. You two cuddled for the rest of the day.

1 week later:

Ashton decided to take you to Paris. You two had the most romantic time EVER! On the last day you two were there, he took you to the Eiffel Tower. You two went to the top. "Babe, see the bottom if the tower? Now look to the top. It's a huge distance, that's how much I love you." He told you. "Well, I love you twice as much as you love me!" You said you two argued about who loved who more when he decided to end the argument with a kiss.

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