Stuck between

Two guys but one isn't the one. Elle's forced into a spin of deception, lies and desire.

She's sick and tired of wishing on the stars. Forced to be something she's not because of one stupid crush that's not even hers.


3. like you

"Bother?" I questioned as I looked at Michael to the rest of his band.

"Oh" I laughed as I remember all the story's Cherry use to tell me about her brother. Really funny and stupid ones actually.

"Your tooth-fairy Michael!" I laughed as I looked at Cherry. His face dropped, his flirtatious smile went to I just died in half a second face.

"You fricken told her?" Michael bitterly shouted at his sister. His band mates now in a fit of laughter as they looked at Michael.

"Everything" cherry said in the mist of laughing.

Soon after people started coming in, girls wearing dresses short enough to be shirts, guys hitting on every girl coming in and leaving.

"This is disgusting" I mumbled picking up my tray of drinks and putting them behind the counter until I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist. "Hey" it was Michael, his voice was deep and cute. "Hey," I say losing my thought. "You know you shouldn't wear something like that I might not be able to play!" He whispered into my ear.

"And whys that Michael?" I say handing drinks to people across the counter, people giving weird looks to me and Michael cause he was quite close to me. "Cause your HOT I DONT KNOW" Michael shouted, as he laughed and walked off. I just laughed as they walked on stage.

"Hey guys we are 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER" the blonde one says into the microphone, "we are going to play first, Out of my limit"

The guitar rift started playing and the drums started to beat, they were so good, they way they were as a band really fascinated me.

"Uh excuse me, can I please get a coke, for god sakes!" A man sitting at the booth yells,

"One minute" I say taking my eyes off of the band for a second to get this guy a drink.

"$2 please" I say handing the guy his drink as he forcefully shoves the money onto the ground. I grunt as the money rolls across the floor, I walk over to where the money is and grunt as I lean down to pick up the money. Why were people so rude, I got his drink, I even took it to him. I walked off as I looked at the stage, the guys still jamming as I notice Michael's eyes still locked on me. I smile an wink his way.

The guys finished up 3 songs and took a break, I walked behind the bar and into the break room where it was quite, Cherry walking in shortly after.

"They were amazing weren't they?" Cherry Shouts across the room, "yeah they were" I say softly rubbing my head from the headache forming.

Cherry looked Over at me, "the guys are coming in here to cool off, I want you to meet them." Cherry talks got me as she passes me a water bottle, I took a drink taking Panadol with it to calm my headache.

"YOU JUMPED AND YOU FELL AND FORGOT THE LYRICS CALUM, THATS THE MOST FUNNIEST EXCUSE IVE EVER HEARD!" The one with the curly hair shouted as he walked into the room.

The loud from the club and from people was really annoying me, the guys all look at me as they stop talking. Cherry walking in the break room as her face lights up, "oh my god, Ashton, Luke, Calum and Michael I would love for you to informally meet Elle." She knew I'd met Michael before but she introduced him anyway. She wanted to introduce each and everyone of them again, cause she wanted to do more then say names but what they are good at.

"Elle, this is Ashton, Michael, Luke and Calum" she points to all, but Michael smirked at me while the others smiled, while Calum just winked at me.

"Hi" i say hugging all of them, I checked the time it was 10:20pm my shift just finish so I was able to leave,

"I'm just going to go home, Cherry. I'm really tired. If you need me I can stay?" I say packing my stuff. "No baby girl, go home and sleep, I'll drop you off if you want?" Cherry asked as she looked at me, all the guys were now standing awkwardly. "Uh no it's ok I can walk!" I say as I walk past the guys. "It was nice meeting you all, I'll see you soon guys" I say as I give each a hug and a kiss on the cheek, I walked past Cherry as I hugged her goodbye.

I walked out of the club, finally finishing my shift, I walked along the path way in the cold air, I felt watched. I looked around. I could still see the club from where I was but it was fading, I was tired but not tired enough to feel this.

I kept walking, a couple of cars passing me but the feeling stopped. I walked across the street to come across my house. Walking in I took a deed breath which was almost a sigh.

"Big day" I said to myself if was now 11;00pm and my phone was buzzing.

I checked the caller ID it read : Michael

I picked up his call, but I heard muffled words that sounded like.

'Did she answer!'

'Oh my god she did!'

'Dude talk to her!'

"Michael? Hello?" I said waiting for him to reply.

"Hey, Elle" he said more as a question then a greeting.

"How are you?" He asked I could tell he was nervous.

"I'm good, Michael we talked about 20 minutes ago!" I said giggling.

"I know but I wanted to make sure you got home safe." Michael said, he was so cute wanting to know if I went home safe.

"Yeah I did thank you, how about you?" Wow did I just seriously do that, I made the whole thing awkward. But I wanted to know as well if he got home safe.

"Uh yeah I did!" He said awkwardly laughing.

"Are you ok?" He asked, again he sounded worried

"Yeah I'm fine, just tired" I said honestly, as much as I wanted to talk to him but I had a big shift.

"I'll let you sleep then aye, goodnight" Michael replied, he laughed a bit, I could tell he was smiling. I didn't realise how much I so badly wanted to see his smile right now.

"That's okay, we'll talk tomorrow? ,good night" I said,

"Yes, we will, can't wait" he said quickly hanging up, I laughed a bit. He was so nervous, but it was just me he didn't have to be so.

*2 months later*

Me and Michael had gotten closer our relationship even brought me and Cherry closer than we originally were. Me and Michael had been on a couple of dates which were apparently talked about very much within their family.

I woke up that morning to 3 missed calls and 8 messages.

All the calls were Cherry and most of the messages were Cherry's as well as some were Michael's.

I read Cherry's messages first since she had called,

*Babe come around my place, I'm having a get together with family.*

*Michael's going to be here*

*fricken pick up, I need to talk to you this girl is here talking to him!*

It was 10:00am, I'm not jealous I just wanted to come around for a bit, anyway I just met him 2 months ago so I didn't have to be jealous cause I knew he felt something for me like I did for him.

I got changed into high waisted shorts and a black mid-drift I slid on my white converse, curled my hair and grabbed my phone leaving the house and going to Cherry's.

Her house was big and she always had parties, always outside. Today was a family party, always sophisticated and fun as her night club parties are rough and dirty.

I walked up to the door, knocking twice as the door swung open.

"Babe!" I heard calum shout.

"Hi Calum, where's cherry?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Outside with some family, let me walk you around!" Calum whispered as he slung his arm around my waist.

The house was busy, full of food and drinks with kids running around everywhere.

Calum finally led me outside where I saw groups of family and friends, I saw at the back if Cherry's garden a group of people sitting around the tree.

"Calum mate, who's that cutie?" One of the guys said.

"This is Elle!" An in that moment I saw Michael's head turn my way.

The girl that was so called scarlet was trying to touch Michael's leg and trying to whisper something into his ear.

He got up and walked over to me picking me up and swirling me around,

"I missed you Elle" he said laughing I laughed too, the hug stopping.

"Who's this attention?" Scarlet speaks winking at Michael.

Michael just rolls his eyes as I speak, "Elle, I don't aim to be an attention" I said winking at her.

She rolled her eyes as I looked over towards Ashton. "Did you guys book for next weekend?" I asked them last night if they had regular gigs but they've never had a regular place to play. "Yeah, we talke-" Ashton was interrupted.

"They did, I'm there for them every show!" Scarlett shouted over the top of Ashton.

"Oh, were you at their gig last night?" I asked sassily.

"Uh, yeah!" She said looking around.

"No you weren't " Calum said tugging on my shirt sleeve.

Ashton and Luke laughed as they high five each other.

"Elle, you wanna come and get a drink?" Michael said.

"Sure" I replied.

Michael and i made our way towards the drink table.

"So how are you?" Michael asks, "I'm really good, how about you?"

"I'm amazing now" he said as he made me blush.

"So who's Scarlet, she seems 'Nice'" I said giggling looking over my shoulder to see her looking at me and Michael,

"She's a cousin of mine, a second cousin actually, it's just that rule doesn't matter to her, it's weird. I absolutely hate it that she's like this" Michael says laughing and kissing me on the forehead.

"I would imagine you do" I laughed, I pulled out a coke, as Michael pulled out a beer.

"You wanna go sit over there?" Michael said pointing over to the seat near the brick wall which had graffiti on it.

"Sure" I said.

We walked over sitting down and talking about how his ban is going, he even asked me about what I did for a living and I told him I was currently working part time at Cherry's pub but also studying fashion design and walkway modeling in uni. He was not surprised that I was studying them since he thought I was beautiful.

"You know. Your different" Michael blurted out.

"How exactly?" I said taking another sip from my coke.

"Your easy going and I can laugh with you. As I can't really with many others. Your beautiful and I guess you just have a different out look on life compared to other girls"

"I like it" Michael spoke.

"I like you" Michael whispered.

Silence filled the air as he smirked from the corner of his mouth. I smiled and blushed pushing my hair behind my ear.

"I like -"

"MICHAEL, Come and hang out with Scarlett!" Calum shouted interrupting a moment between Michael and I. I sighed as I rolled my eyes. I really wanted to tell him how I felt about him even after our dates, it's funny how I fell for someone only after two months which felt like a lifetime of pleasure.

Michael sighed too, looking into my eyes as I have him a look of sympathy. He really needed to hear me say I liked him. He needed someone in his life. And I could be that for him.

"Uhh, I really don't wanna..." Michael said winking at Calum and nudging his head slightly to hint that he wanted private time. "Nah dude she wants you to take her home!" Calum said really trying to get Michael away.

"Mate, could you take her home for me? I have to stay cause of my sister, help her out and take care of the guests..." Michael continued standing up and pulling Calum to the side. "Whatever dude, didn't think I was worth all this" Calum said staring at me quickly before walking back over to Scarlett and pulling her out the back gate. Michael sighed and called Ashton over.

They talked to the side as I sat awkwardly tapping my finger on the inside of my drink. I looked over at Cherry as she gave me the 'what's going on' look before waving for me to go inside.

I knew she wanted the story, but I felt bad for Michael for cutting our talk short. The one he'd been waiting for ever since we had met.

I looked at Michael as he kept looking at me winking and reassuring me that everything's fine, when it really wasn't.

"Michael, I'm just going to help our cherry. We'll talk later" I said smiling at him. He winked but his face clearly was annoyed that Calum had ruined that moment.

I walked towards the patio being stopped by Michael and Cherry's family members to talk about how id met them. I was finally able to walk inside to see cherry leaning against the kitchen bench. She jumped when she saw me handing me a glass of water and pulled out a seat for me and for her. I knew she wanted to know about Michael and his second cousin.

I knew I'd be here for a while.

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