Stuck between

Two guys but one isn't the one. Elle's forced into a spin of deception, lies and desire.

She's sick and tired of wishing on the stars. Forced to be something she's not because of one stupid crush that's not even hers.


5. Let's pretend

Michael's POV |

I woke up before Elle, she'd told me about what Charlene had done yesterday and that really got me angry. I seriously thought that she would've quit it around Elle, but I guess not.

I remembered it was a few weeks after me and Elle met that I told Charlene that I had feelings for Elle. She seemed hesitant at first and told me i could never see her again which of course seemed worse when she told me.

Flash back....

"You can't like her... I don't want you dating her" Charlene spoke frustratedly as she threw the plates into the sink.

"And whys that?" I said furiously, the loudness of my voice scared her as I followed her into the kitchen.

"Firstly, she's my best friend and your my brother, I work with her for frick sakes, secondly, I can see someone getting hurt, cause like always you go for the people that you know you.... Never mind.... Just". she spoke whispering the last part. I was getting upset with her with each second she disagreed with me liking Elle. I knew what she was gonna say. She was gonna say 'you know you can't have' that made me so angry but I wanted her to say that cause she was holding back from trying to hurt me.

I interpreted her as she was trying to continue to lecture me. "NO, say it" I said as she turned around and opened her eyes rubbing her forehead. "Say what?" She said acting confused, "YOU know perfectly well what you were gonna say, so SAY IT" I said raising my voice. She had a look of guilt on her face as she closed her eyes to stop the tears threading to escape her eyes. "Michael please..." She pleaded cause she knew that what she wanted to say would hurt me. I continued to stare at her ignoring her pathetic excuses to forget about what she was leading onto.

I shook my head. "I'm not going to say it..." She mumbled wiping away the tears that ran down her face. "That's a bit pathetic, finish it Charlene, you want to but you see my face and you turn and run away from it, cause you know what'll happen" I said looking away from her puffy red face. I felt so numb. My feelings for Elle was becoming stronger every time she didn't accept or decline me and Elle.

I didn't think it was ok to say I loved Elle so early on in the relationship. But I do. She controlled my life. In a good way. She didn't control it but my brain was full of Elle like that was what I was constantly was thinking about. She came over couple of times a week cause we would arrange dates, which were the best times of my life. Charlene would always be either working or going out whenever Elle came around and whenever Elle did Charlene would never talk to her and I.

"You hate this..." I said relapsing why she didn't want this happening, "of course I do... You can't date her, she's my best frie...." I stopped her, I found out why she felt to obligated to hate this relationship. She was being a hypocrite.

"WOW, CHARLENE." I said raising my voice as she flinched. "Don't use this crap about how she's your 'best friend' cause she still is. Your being a hypocrite, cause I remember when you dated a mate of mine." Her face dropped and quickly she answered. "That was a different situation and you know that Michael" she shouted walking behind me to get into the cleaning cupboard to grab the broom to sweep up.

"IT WASNT DIFFERENT, you dated Ashton, I hated it, yeah. But guess what? I let it happen cause I genuinely thought, to leave it alone cause this is exactly what I was trying to avoid". I said angrily referring to the arguing happening. She looked hurt, the Ashton situation was still a fresh wound and I could feel the anger rising off of her at the mention of his name. "Don't use the, someone is going to get hurt, cause I won't let either of us to get hurt cause that's how much Elle means to me! And If I remember you broke it off with Ashton, he was so upset. I won't let that happen again. I promised her and you, and I will keep my promise." I said, my breathing uneven as I pulled at my hair in frustration. My face was red with anger and all I wanted right now was to hug Elle and forget this fight even happen but from the look on Charlene's face told me she wasn't going to let this go.

"Wow.." Charlene spoke softly shaking her head crying softly. "Firstly before anything else, thanks a lot for bringing up Ashton." She said her crying become more louder and her voice now turning into a shout, "secondly, I never thought you felt that way about Elle..." She said seriously shocked at the connection for I had for Elle. "Nor did I know you cared about me, to let me date ashton, I just thought you genuinely didn't care," She spoke putting down the broom and walking towards the stairs. "I guess I'm just as stupid then aye to be judging you." She said shaking her head and wiping her tears away. "Charlene, you have to understand that I'm not little, I'm not an idiot. I know what is going on." I said telling her things she's probably missed about me over the pass 3 years.

"And I am, I can't believe I was stupid, I'm such a hypocrite." She said rubbing her hands along the railing on the stairs. "Charlene, I didn't mean it" I said. "Save it Michael, it's true, just date her, I can't change anything now." She said stoping at the last step to stare at me. Her face was blank and pale. "Just, when you realize what I was telling you about was true, just know that your the one that's stuck between" she said frowning. Slamming her bedroom door which probably wouldn't be re-opened again for a couple of hours. I sighed sitting on the last step.

"What am I gonna do!" I whispered to myself trying to figure my life out.

Flash back end....

I moved Elle slightly and pulled the quilts over her, she sighed. I kissed her forehead and making my way down to the kitchen.

I pulled on a band t-shirt and ran a hand through my hair to spike it a bit. I slowly and softly walked into the kitchen to see Charlene sitting at the table sipping on a cup of coffee.

"Hey... Morning!" I said raspy. Still tired. "Morning, did Elle stay last night?" Charlene spoke looking out the window still sipping at her cup. "Yeah she did, I didn't want her out late last night nor did I want to drive that late..." I said "save it, we both know you wanted her to stay over last night!" She said still not tearing her eyes away from the window.

I nodded and grabbed two cups from the cupboard and filled them with steaming hot coffee, not wanting to start with my sister this early in the morning. "Where's Fredera?" I said looking out the window, looking for the black poodle usually running around in the grass this early morning. "Oh yeah!" She said placing her tea cup on the table and running her hands along her legs. "Ashton came around this morning and he offered to take Fredera on a walk!" She spoke smiling lightly. It was odd, Ashton never came around this early for anyone, let alone walked Fredera. "What are you playing at?" I spoke holding the two cups in my hands, I was annoyed that she would ask ashton to take Fredera let alone let him offer. She snickered and brushed her red hair behind her ear. "Well, he came over, we talked, then he offered, simple as that Michael! Why do you have a problem?" She spoke sassing me at the end smirking at me. "You ALWAYS walk Fredera, why did you hand it off to Ashton?" I said questioning why my sister let my best friend walk our dog.

"He offered Michael! I didn't want to do it, and he did so I let him." She spoke now putting herself to look innocent. "Whatever" I mumbled. She rolled her eyes as we sat in silence while I cooled the cups of coffee down. "I don't like this, Michael" she spoke giving me the dirtiest look.

I thought for a moment, she needed to like this. Cause I wasn't going to give up on Elle easily. And she knew that. Not even my family let alone Charlene was getting in the way of it.

"Let's pretend you do!" I spoke, frowning angrily at my sister as she mumbled. "What ever, I can't pretend for long" she said finishing up her coffee "you will need too cause it's going to be for a long time!" I spoke finally.

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