Stuck between

Two guys but one isn't the one. Elle's forced into a spin of deception, lies and desire.

She's sick and tired of wishing on the stars. Forced to be something she's not because of one stupid crush that's not even hers.


2. "I work here"

Michael's POV |

"So, who's that?" Luke and Ashton said.

"A friend I met at the park," I replied looking down at Fredera.

"Really Michael, another obsessed dog owner"! Ashton said giggling.

"Uh no, Elle doesn't have a dog!" I sassed. "Ohh, that's her name, Elle" Calum smirked. "It's short for Everlyn!" I said smiling, I basically knew her name, her birthdate and a little bit more about her but I feel like I've known her my whole life.

"Wouldn't it make more sense to call her Eve?" Luke said holding his hand up in confusion.

I looked at Luke, he had his hair quiffed, again. He looked rugid and tough today, a new look for him.

"Long story bro" I smirked, walking into the venue.

Elle's POV |

I walked towards my apartment, I had work this afternoon, down at the pub. I was a waitress there, I was working from 5:00pm till 10:00pm cause there was no entertainment after 10;00pm so I didn't have to stay, but to be honest I'm glad I'm not rostered on, late nights like these are the nights where drunks try and get my number or feel me up, it's really uncomfortable.

It was now leading on to 4:00pm so I decided to get ready, I had a shower, curled my hair and pulled on my crop top and high waisted skirt, which were black, the crop top showed my breasts a lot making them look really big, which really made my work hard for me without being hit on every 10 minutes. I pulled on my black short boots and pulled on my white jacket to keep me covered until I get to work, I grabbed an apple taking a bite out of it. Quickly finishing my apple I grabbed my phone and purse and left to start my shift.

I walked down the street since it was about a 15 minute walk, I saw the line joining together quickly, I ran inside just as it hit 4:50pm. The darkness invaded every spot of light that came into this place.

"Oi, Baby how are you?" My boss cherry says, cherry was her name, she had red hair and was my age, 20. She never liked her real name Charlene for some reason. But she was just like me, but she happened to inherit a really cool club. I saw 4 boys heads turn in my direction but I couldn't see who they were. "Fine, beautiful how are you?" I shouted back. "Anything but bad, do you mind helping me?" Cherry said, filling up cups of cokes and beers.

After filling up about 2 dozen cups of coke and beer I quickly grabbed a cup of beer and took a quick sip as I slid out from behind the bar, "Oi, no drinks before customers!" Shouted cherry as she laughed. I shrugged it off as I went to the centre of the club, where the stage was setting up.

Remixes were playing in the background as I started swaying, mumbling the lyrics. My skirt was high waisted so I tried not to spin that much as you can tell.

"You can't do that, we'll get in trouble" a guy with a cute high pitched voice talked as he half giggles.

"BY WHO" one of the other guy sassed. The bunch of them started laughing.

"Calum, I swear to god, if I ever hear that you've pulled down your pants again i will not hesitate to slap you" cherry laughs as she walks towards the boys. The lights were brighter now and the guys eyes were on me. I stopped dancing as I notice I wasn't doing my job. I quickly put my drink down and hurried along.

"Baby why'd you leave?" One of them said. It wasn't Cherry this time. Her nickname for me was always baby, or sugar. Cause she thought I was always sweet. We had name tags Cherry of course had her name on hers but I had sugar.

"Leave her alone," cherry shouted at the guy on stage.

"Actually...." Cherry looked around "Sugar come here" she called me by my work name, I hated when she did that I only use the name so people don't actually get my 'Real' name.

"Yeah," I came over to her with a tray full of drinks and shots.

"Guys I would like you to meet my best friend and employee..."

"Elle?" One of the guys says.

I looked at them, trying to source one of the guys who shouted my name when I came across one of the guys with the all familiar white hair.



"How do you know him?" Cherry asks hiting Michael in the arm.

I thought they we're a couple since they looked like they had a lot in common.

"We met at the park?" I said more like a question.

"Michael are you using Fredera to pick up chicks again?" Cherry said slapping Michael across the face softly.

"WHAT? How do you know him?" I asked cherry as she looked at Michael then back to me.

"He's my brother!"

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