Stuck between

Two guys but one isn't the one. Elle's forced into a spin of deception, lies and desire.

She's sick and tired of wishing on the stars. Forced to be something she's not because of one stupid crush that's not even hers.


4. dangerous ground

She looked at me, she knew what I was stressed about cause she went straight to the topic. "Something's going on between you and my brother?" She questioned giving me a look of 'I thought you would've gone for something different' I looked at her and smirked. "He's different and he's funny, great to talk to, and attractive" I said thinking about Michael again and the way his white hair just stayed where it was and his smile when someone made him laugh.

Cherry stopped me an breathed deeply. "Firstly, that's my brother, please don't speak about him like that again while I'm around" she giggled and pulled a face of disgust. "Secondly. You just met him like 2 weeks ago." "It's been 2 months!" I corrected. "Whatever, still you shouldn't be feeling that about a person you basically just met..... It's uncalled of" Cherry lectured, she looked at me an rubbed her hands through her red hair before standing to go stand by the sink.

"When our family fall in love or are infatuated with someone, we won't let go." She lectured getting up from her seat across from me to stand up leaning against the sink. "We fall in love harder, and with that we get hurt more easily" she warned. "Michael especially, I don't want him getting hurt, same for you" she said looking at Michael in the backyard talking to uncles. "You guys have just met and I hope you take it slow and I know you will but my family are the ones for fast moving relationships and pushing them to test them." She told, in a way it was really freaking me out. She was only warning me about what I'd already noticed about her family. They all liked to see if your trusted or fake. But as a family they are close, and you could see that just by the way their faces light up when they talk to each other. I wished I had something like that to look forward to but I'd never really had the close enough family to be able to do that. Someone who would look after you, watch out over you and you wouldn't even notice, cause it was a natural instinct.

"Your on dangerous ground, your on a minefield, anything you do now will hurt you and him... Badly" she warned. This wasn't a side of cherry I had seen before. She was being protective and it freaked me out cause she was always bubbly and happy but she was only protecting her family, but why did it scare me so much? I sighed a lot louder then I intended. She turned around worried. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry I've scared you!" She said coming to me hugging me. "Uh, yeah" I said backing up a bit suddenly heat rushed over me faster than water running down your body.

"I'm never going to hurt him" I said mostly mumbling. As she looked at me and smiled softly. "I know you would never, cause it's not in your body or personality to ever hurt anyone. I've witnessed it and I believe you" Cherry said putting her hand on my arm and rubbing it slowly. It calmed me when she was understanding and truthful maybe that's why we are so close,


The backdoor swung open and voices were yelled out throughout the house. People brought in empty trays which had food on them less than half an hour ago. Aunties and uncles talking to me about when Cherry was little. I laughed about the story's they told me and the ones that were fairly recent.

"Hey gorgeous, I missed you" it was Michael, I could remember his voice from anywhere. "I missed you too" I said looking over at Cherry who was watching Michael closely. I got glares from people, mostly Michael's girl cousins than anyone and we weren't even touching. I felt uncomfortable then I have In my entire life. I shifted awkwardly. Michael noticed and frowned grabbing my hand and squeezing it gently. "Hey, their not use to this, your so beautiful that's why they feel like they need to be possessive" Michael Said silently, he laughed and kissed the side of my head.

We walked over towards the living room where everyone was seated playing and talking. The vibe was beautiful, no tension, no arguments just fun and happiness. I'd met Michael and Cherry's mother along with their dad who was telling me story's about Michael.

I laughed and smiled and got to know some of their cousins and aunties. They admitted that they like to protect Michael, cause he's done the same for them. I felt like this was a close family and Cherry was right to say this was a land mine. And I had to be careful crossing it.

Michael smiled at me from across the room, he winked while I blushed. It was getting late and their family was leaving little by little. I stood up and took the trays into the kitchen finishing up a conversation on what I do for a living with one of Michael's cousins.

Michael soon followed. I felt his hard warm chest right up against my back his head leaning on my head. "You wanna go cuddle?" He whispered. I smiled and turned around so that I had my hands on his chest and he was pushing me against him but I was leaning against the counter. "I would really like that" I said kissing his cheek. He smiled, grabbed my hand and said goodbye to the last group of family members on the way up the stairs. Luke, Ashton and Calum left a couple of hours ago. Calum came back from dropping scarlet home and kept to himself near the tree when he came back. Which was odd cause he was usually the social one.

Michael saw me getting worked up about Calum and their little heated chat, "don't worry, he'll come through. Something's bothering him and he'll tell us soon!" Michael reassured pressing his lips to mine.

It felt magical, the way his lips moulded to mine. I ran my hand through the back of his hair causing a moan at the back of his throat. I smiled as he pulled away, causing some well needed breathing. He pulled his shirt and pants off leaving him in his black boxers. I blushed and smiled at him, he winked.

Michael, went to his cupboard and pulled out his Nirvana T-shirt. He came over pulled my shirt off and pulling the nirvana shirt over me instead. He left me to take my pants off leaving me in my underwear and his oversized shirt which I loved.

He got in to bed while I got in after him lying there. My first instinct, was to cuddle him. Which he did. He pulled himself over to face me and pulled me to him as he nuzzled his head into the crook of mine as he sighed with relief. I giggled and kissed his lips sweetly while he played with my hair, which calmed me down.

"Your sister." I mumbled, "hmmm" Michael replied. "She was talking to me after you started talking to Ashton in the backyard" I said trying to talk to him about what she told me about. "What did she say?" He said stirring to get a comfortable position beside me. "She told me about your family, and how you fall in love harder and she didn't want to see you hurt!" I mumbled, I got a little bit upset at the fact that my best friend thinks I'm going to hurt her brother. I almost felt like she didn't trust me.

He opened his eyes and looked at me with sympathy. "She didn't!" Michael said getting frustrated. "I told her I would never hurt you, that I like you so much that I could never hurt you" I said. I felt like I was getting overwhelmed and upset but I didn't want him to worry.

"I TOLD HER, she doesn't understand when to stop!" Michael frustratedly yelled but still kept his calm. "I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have-"

"You have every right to feel upset, she does this every time, I told her I liked you so much and thinking about hurting you kills me" he said getting upset and cuddling me more, I felt him calm down underneath me when I rubbed my hand against the side of his face.

I felt him finally relax, he pulled me on top of him lying on his bare chest as I felt him breathe up and down and his heart beat heard through out my body. I knew that tomorrow he'd bring it up and confront her of it. "Please don't get angry at her, she was protecting you!" I said trying to forgive his sister. "It's not ok, Elle, she knew what she was doing, if she's making you upset or making you feel like you can't trust me then of course I'm going to get upset..... You mean so much to me!" He finished looking me into my eyes. "You're so beautiful" he said running his hand down my face an kissing me with not need but love. I knew I felt that feeling. Cause I only felt it when I was with him.

I dozed off after he wrapped his arms around my waist holding me tight to his chest. His breathing becoming a soothing calm for me as I slept. I like being in his arms, it made me feel safe.

He's my safe zone from the mine field.

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