Stuck between

Two guys but one isn't the one. Elle's forced into a spin of deception, lies and desire.

She's sick and tired of wishing on the stars. Forced to be something she's not because of one stupid crush that's not even hers.


1. meeting him

The dog still sat with me as I continued to rub its tummy, "go back to your owner" I said shuffling the dog along. "Alright then" I said getting of my seat and picking up the dogs ball and throwing it across the park as he runs after it. The dog ran fast up to me, pouncing on me as he causes me to fall over. "Oh, your a rough one aren't you" I said giggling "he's not the only thing that can be rough" a tall guy said, he had white hair which spiked out of places around his head, black skinny jeans and piercings you could almost say he was a public enemy.

But he was quite cute. But his last comment kind of got me unsure. "Excuse me" I had heard him but I wasn't sure if he was talking to me. "You heard me" he said with a smug smirk. "Yeah, ok" I said dusting myself off, I frowned a bit. "Don't do that" the guy said "do what?" I questioned, this guy kept looking at me, "frowning! You look sad when you do it" he said winking. "That's the point, of frowning" I sassed, he looked at me with a hand over his chest. I walked over to the dog lying in the mud, "your going to get messy" I said lifting the dog up, which was a bad idea since the dog had mud on his coat and he had rubbed all over me. "Oh, no, ew alright then" I said putting the dog down as he runs over to the guy I was just talking to as he had a smug smile on his face. I tried brushing away the mud but it just smudged, my black crop and skirt was now covered in mud and the smell of dog.

"You might want to ask the owner before patting a dog" the guy whispered before picking up the dog, "yeah, well the owner isn't around" "maybe he is" the guy chuckled, "see, Fredera here is a kind of dog that can come back to his owner without being called" the guy replied winking at me. "Your dog is the most adorable thing and then there's you!" I sassed, "what's our name?" I blurted out, "Michael, yours?" I smiled "everlyn, but people call me El" he smiled "why do they call you that, it would make more sense to call you, Eve" I rolled my eyes, we both turned and walked along the path way down Main Street, "well, ever since I was 12, I hated when people called me, eve. Your going to think I'm weird but it made me think I was some sort of elf, I don't know why but it just did and - yeah" I smiled to the ground as I blushed, I can't believe I just told Michael, basically a stranger my weirdest memory of me. I could see him smile at me, "it's ok, eve sort of reminds me of an elf, but your logic is pretty weird" he laughed, "i know I am pretty weird" I nervously laughed.

After getting to know Michael, we still continued to talk. I heard uncontrollable laughters come heading towards Michael and I, "Michael, did you hear what Ashton just said he's just like-" the guy with the dark hair stopped and the other guys following did too, "um hi" he winked, "uh Michael, thanks for the walk ah i will see you around, I'm just going to go clean my skirt" I said nervously smiling as I gave Michael a hug as his warmth radiated through me, I felt him give me a kiss on the cheek as he pulled me in tighter. I waved to the guys who were talking to Michael as I slowly backed away. "I can't believe I just did that" I whispered as I felt someone tug on my shirt.

"Hey, are you alright?" Michael whispered, "uh yeah, I'm fine, here" I said passing Michael my number on a piece of paper, I wanted to give it to him before, but I wasn't sure. But Michael made me feel so comfortable and I really want to keep talking to him, "ok, I'll talk to you later?" Michael nervously winked. "Uh yeah" I said as I giggled and walked away.

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