getting that girl

mallorie was pretty simple, her dad was an engineer and her mom was a doctor, meaning she had money growing up and she grew up with the same people her whole life

harry was a bad boy with a nice truck, he played well everyone but ALWAYS had a thing for mallorie and that's were it all begins


1. car ride convos

Mallories POV

so I get up this morning at 5:10 and start applying my makeup and everyday stuff, I put on my white loose v-neck and light washed hollister jeans and cuff the ends for a lil style and slip on my white vans

for a little info I have long brown hair the reached my booty and pretty fair skin, my eyebrows are always on fleek (lol) and a always have a smile on my face.

i leave my house at 6:50 because I have to walk, (my parents don't let me drive even though I'm 17) and I also like a little exercise + being on time work best for me.

harrys POV

I wake up at 6:50 and throw on my back shirt and grey skinny jeans with my black and white converse, walk into the bathroom, take a piss and then brush my teeth, I do this every morning

I leave my house at 7:05 ish and get I'm my baby aka my truck and start driving, then I see this fine piece of ass as I'm driving, I honk and offer her a ride cuz ya know imma gentle man... I see that it's mallorie and she smiles we've always known each other so she said ya.

"you're car smells amazing harry!" hash she's always liked my smell. I thank her and turn my music up and drive a little more I saw her fixing her cleavage and a grinned letting myself peak. I noticed her plugging her ears.. shit I forget how sensitive she is, I turn it off and apologize "woah, mr.bad boy has a heart she grinned and I smile and then looked back at the road holy fuck I want to bone her..

"you're a senior, why aren't you driving yet mal?"

"uhg my mom and dad won't teach me and my brother won't even let me look at his car.. "

"I can teach you today on the property, the guys will be up there with their girlfriends so you won't feel awkward"

"ok cool see ya then. "

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