Tour My Love ~ Ashton<3 short fanfic

This is just a short fanfic


1. I love you<3

I can feel the sun kissing my face while I lay in bed. I roll over just a little bit to find that soft dirty gold colored hair that I love. I stick my arm out in search of the body next to me, but nothing is there just cold sheets. I open my eyes in search of my beloved boyfriend. I squint my eyes a little since I just woke up and the sun is streaming in my face.

I sit up and look around the to see if he is just hiding from me in all the clutter around the blue colored room that we share. I start to stretch out, then it hits me hard, that smell that's hard to resist. I'm pretty much drooling all over the bed right now, I smell bacon.

I quickly through one of my boyfriends plaid shirts on and buttoned it up halfway. I didn't even bother to put pants on, because I want bacon now and my boyfriends already seen me in just underwear on. So I really don't care.

I run out of the room and down the stairs to the kitchen to see the my handsome boyfriends toned back. I stand there and stare at the purefection in front of me. I eventually walk towards the figure and wrap my arms around his waist. I pull myself up just a little so my lips are at shoulder height.

I softly press my lips to his shoulder an slowly move toward his collarbone. He lets out a low but deep moan from his mouth.

"Goo-od mor-nning babe! Ah screw it!" He yelled before turn around and facing. He pressed are bodies close, I could feel his warm hands slide around my back. Unexpectedly he smashed his lips into mine, I couldn't help but moan as he lower his hands from my back to my bum. He squeezed a little which made me jump, but I was to mesmerized to make him stop.

He deepened the kiss slowly moving me to the counter, and lifting me off the ground onto the cold surface. He started raising his hand up under my shirt, but I stopped him. He broke the kiss with concern in his face.

"Did I do something wrong? He said with fear in his eyes, but kept a small smile. "Awe Ash you didn't do anything wrong I just don't want to 'do it' here on the counter, plus I'm hungry. I could smell the bacon all the way upstairs."

"Oh Crap!" He said putting his hands over his face. "What's wrong Ashton? I said taking my hands out of his hair and running them down his front. "Yeah, I totally forgot..." He was looking down at my lap with him in between my legs. I cup his face in my hands an ask, "What did you forget?"

"I forgot to tell you how wonderful you are to me. An how everything about you I just couldn't live without. I couldn't go a day without your beautiful face in my life, I care so much about you. I love Alex!" He said wiping the tears from my eyes.

"Princess please stop crying I really hate it when you cry, because it makes me want to cry." He says cupping my face with his hands. "That was so beautiful, I could never ask for a better boyfriend than you. I love you, Ashton! Please never let me go!" I said digging my face into his chested with tears running done my face.

"I promise, you I will never let you go!"

~The End~

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