What Happens in Summer Stays in Summer

When I looked back on my summer I felt like I didn't know what the fuck I was thinking. It was wild...


3. I Don't Know If I Like You. Chapter Three.

Trinity's P.O.V.

     For the first couple if days we didn't really do anything but catch up (we hadn't seen each other in over a year)

      Mary has a boyfriend that I have never met and so I wanted to meet him...

      When Jesse gets to Mary's house it's just wired all they wanted to do was make out so they were on her bed and I was sitting in the corner just glairing at him he was so old he was eighteen (what the fuck Mary? )

     Then the next few day Jesse is still there and I was starting to warm up to him... ( ok not at all) We all watched movies and talked and ate lots of ice cream...

     I was starting to get really mad at Mary cause it was are time to hang out and he was there why was he there?

     "Mary can we hang out with your friends tonight?"

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