Deaming of you

"Luke is sitting in the back of the room day dreaming about what"You said
Then you see he's looking at you.what are you going to do
Do you think he's thinking of you or someone else


6. why me?

Savannah's pov

I leaned against my locker waiting for luke to stop talking to his friends and tell me what he needed to tell me.i wanted to know so bad.

I really want to know.why would he want to talk to someone like me. A girl that's not pretty not popular have this crazy ex-boyfriend that's probley going to kill me for putting his in jail. I was tapped on the shoulder and jumped..

Luke's pov

She's jumps a lot. It's kinda of cute. Sorry about that. She looks at me confused and says you don't have to you were just talking to your friends. I laugh and she smiles. She's so hot

Well what I needed to talk to you about is that I was wonder if you wanted to hang out and come to my place. Yea sounds fun. She said. Ok cool and grab her hand and walk to my car.

Savannah's pov

I had to be red. He grabbed my hand and we walked to his car. I felt like someone was watching me, I want to look behind me but then I don't. It was feeling like you better be scared. I was getting scared but I didn't want to worry luke but I guess I did cuz he was looking at me all worried.

Are you okay he asked I look at him. Yea I guess I had this weird feeling but don't worry about it. He just looks at me confused and says ok. We got to his car and he opened the door for me. Why thank you. I giggle and he laughs. He runs to the other side if the car and gets in.

Lukes pov

I knew something was up. Like she was scared of something but what? I was so worried that she was scared of me. We get to my house and I look at her and she's looking at the floor. There's something up I know it, I grab her and rub my thumb around her hand. Are you okay? She looks at me like she was going to cry. I get out of my car and run over to her and open her door. I unbuckle her and pick her up and sit down on the seat, I put her on my lap and hugged her and she just cried on my shoulder.

I kissed her on the head and just held her. Now I know for sure that something wrong

Note: who was watching savannah what if nothing was watching her. Keep reading to find out

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