Deaming of you

"Luke is sitting in the back of the room day dreaming about what"You said
Then you see he's looking at you.what are you going to do
Do you think he's thinking of you or someone else


2. moring

Savannah's pov

My Alarm went off at 6:00am and my bus comes at 7:05am. So I get some time to eat and watch some tv before going outside. I get up and take a shower and look at my clock and see it's 6:10am.i were my luke Hemings shirt that's has his last name and 96 on it and I put on my galaxy's 5sos hoodie. I know that's a lot but I like wearing that hoodie so,I get black skinny jeans that have holes in the knees and put on my black vans.i put my hair in a ponytail and I have brown hair with purple tips. I run down stairs and make breakfast.

Luke's pov

My alarm goes off and I try to get up but I can't so I sleep in a little longer but Michael comes in and jumps on my bed till I get up. Michael stop jumping off my bed.I said then why don't you get up mate and get ready for school.he said fine.i said got up, I didn't feel like taking a shower cuz I took one last night so I grabbed some skinny jeans and a Hollywood undead shirt and my black vans.i go into the bath room and brush my teeth and fix my hair.then i run down stairs grab a piece of toast and grab my book bag and tun to the car. The guys were waiting g for me. I had to go sit I the back cuz I was late. Didn't want to school today luke.Calum said no I just didn't want to get up.i said I wanted to go to school cuz I wanted to see if I ha any class's with savannah god that girl is beautiful I could stare at her all day if I could. Michael waved his hand in front of my face saying my name. What Michael? You were dreaming of her weren't you.he said NO. And I look out the window, they all start laughing at me.

Savannah's pov

I finished my breakfast and grabbed my bag and waited for my bus to come.i go on Instagram and see that other people are posting what they are wearing,some people look good but some just look like a 5 year old did it. They need to put Little less on.well I sit here and wait then I see it coming down they street.

A few minutes later

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