Deaming of you

"Luke is sitting in the back of the room day dreaming about what"You said
Then you see he's looking at you.what are you going to do
Do you think he's thinking of you or someone else


1. last night of summer

Savannah's pov(you)

Summer is now over,school starts tomorrow.well I guess it's okay cuz I didn't really do anything fun this summer I wanted to but everyone was busy. That was normal for me cuz I really can't do much. My mom and dad are having trouble with money and their relationship is not really working out but I guess that okay I think I just turned 18 last Sunday so I know that some relationship don't work out. I should know I had 2 boyfriends and they both said shit about me, they called me fat and ugly and I should die I mean my first boyfriend beat the crap out of me and didn't care about me I have scars all over my body. I hear footsteps come up the stairs then I look at my phone and see it's 11:59 , crap I need to go to sleep or I will never wake up

I grab my headphone and listen to 5 seconds of summer my favorite band ever. She looks so perfect is my favorite song. But I listen to their music every night cuz it helps me clam down and not be scared that's ex is coming for me. But whatever his in jail for another year so I'm fine. After heartbreak girl was over I feel asleep.


Thanks for reading this please keep reading if you like it it's my first one I wrote soo pleae don't hate

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