Deaming of you

"Luke is sitting in the back of the room day dreaming about what"You said
Then you see he's looking at you.what are you going to do
Do you think he's thinking of you or someone else


7. hurting.sacred.not knowing

Savannah's pov

I just sat on Luke's lap and just cried, I felt bad for him cuz there was so many tears on Luke's shirt I mean...... A lot of tears

I know that someone was watching me but I could be wrong. Luke was hugging or should I say holding me in his arms and I felt really safe like nothing's going to happen to me when I'm with him. We we're in the car for a while now I fell asleep.

Luke's pov

I felt bad like I did something to her but by the way she was holding on to me, i also felt it wasn't me it was something or someone else. She was shacking and crying a lot and I just kept holding her tight. I wasn't going to let anything happen to her even if I have to die I will.

After a few minutes maybe longer it was quite and I notice she fell asleep. I got out of the car and picked her up. She had her arms around my neck and she was still shacking, I closed the car door with my foot and had a hard time opening the front door. I got it opened, closed it with my foot and went to my room.

I layed her on my bed but she wouldn't let go of me. I'm just going to take off yours and my shoes. I told her and she let go. I took off my shoes then hers and put the blanket over her and turned around till I heard a soft voice.

Can you please stay. She said I turn to look at her and walked over too the bed and layed next to her. She turned over to me and cuddled up next to me. I put my arms around her and pulled her closes. After that she went to sleep and I did too

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