Deaming of you

"Luke is sitting in the back of the room day dreaming about what"You said
Then you see he's looking at you.what are you going to do
Do you think he's thinking of you or someone else


4. her❤️

Luke's pov

I walk into class and see savannah in the back of the room all by herself, it looked like she was drawing but I couldn't tell so I walked to were she was and sat next to her. She looked at me with a surprised look on her face.god she was cute

Savannah's pov

I walk into class and sit in the back by myself like I always do.i was early I guess cuz there was like no one here so I pull out a pencil and my notebook and start drawing. Then I noticed someone was watching me. I looked up and saw luke sitting next to me, I jumped and had a surprised look on my face. Hi he said hi.i said then I go back to drawing. Whatcha drawing luke said ummm a penguin I said and he looks surprised I love penguins he said me too . I said

Lukes pov

When she said she was drawing a penguin I was like how did she i know I loved penguin.i watched her draw this amazing penguin. I asked her if I could have that amazingly drawn penguin. She giggled and said yes. I was starring at her and I didn't notice...... She just soo beautiful. She handed me the picture and I said thanks. I put my hand down on the table and didn't notice Savannah's hand was there but she didn't care I think.

Savannah's pov

I don't know if he meant to or not but he put his hand on top of mine and I looked at our hands then him and smiled he did too. That smile of his gets me all the time. Agh he's sooo adorable. I love him I mean I liked him a lot. I didn't notice that I said at out loud but to myself but luke must of heard that I called him adorable cuz he was holding my hand and was looking at me with his bright blue eyes at me. W-what is there some thing on my face I said wiping my face luke grabs my other hand and held it.there nothing on you face your just soo beautiful. I was blushing soo much


Thank you so much for 31 people reading this. Thank you thank you. I love you all keep reading if you like this

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