Dear Misty.

Harry Styles fiance' Misty committed suicide two weeks before there wedding,resulting in Harry having to go to therapy his therapist made him buy a gernal in which he had to write to her everyday.


1. Chapter 1

                             Novemember 24,2024 

Dear Misty,

It's been a week seance I came home to see you lying on the ground covered by blood,the image keeps playing in my head over and over. I wish I could've done something to stop you from killing yourself.

Everyday I wake up and expect you to be there laying next to me or in the kitchen waiting on me.. but you're at the morgue waiting to be observed.The Boys haven't talked to me since you passed especially Niall,he's been taking it harder than me well I guess your whole family is considering they've been apart of you for twenty six years right?

I miss you so much baby,I miss everything about you. Your smile,your brown hair,your sky blue eyes and the way you looked at me,you never looked at anyone else like that Niall always told me. I never realized how much you meant to me until you passed your life,I don't blame you for anything you did in fact if I was in your position I probably would've done it too. The amount of hate you got for being mine was horrible,but you stood strong for me until you couldn't stay strong any longer.

The house has been silent for the last week,so silent I got a hotel room and I've been staying there for the last couple of days. I scroll threw our old photos and conversations,I saved every one of them from when we started dating to a few weeks ago. The memories kill me. I listen to your voice recordings over and over again just so I can hear you. I even go on vine to see you smile, I wish you didn't leave me Mist.Next week we'd be getting married if you were still here, you made me the happiest person alive.

The boys made me start therapy,because they didn't want to lose me I could understand why they wanted me to. That's why I am writing to you.

I must go.

I love you,





(Sorry this chapter was short.)


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