Caved in

Zara has been bullied all her life and has to overcome the Obstacles life will throw at her, Read to find out what happens when she gets Suicidal .


3. Truley Alone Now

Zara's POV:

I looked at Olivia sitting with those girls. My worst nightmare just came true. She looked at me with so much worry. I went to the bathroom ignoring all the shouts from behind. "Who r u to have a friend" "no one deserves to be that ugly except you" and so many more. Burst through the door and locked it. I heard bangs on the door from Olivia telling me it was a mistake and she could explain and all that crap.

I couldn't say anything. I got out my headache medicine and took 1 because of all the banging my head hurt like hell. I heard a softer and repetitive banging with a muffled voice. I listened closer and heard "idiot stupid idiot." I opened the door and she fell slightly because she was leaning against the door. "You mean nothing to me anymore you ruined it" she got up and tried to say something but I shut her up. "I-" "DONT" i said. I ran out the door of the school not caring who saw or if it was the middle of the day. I wanted-no needed to get out of there!

2:00 pm

I'm at home sitting on my couch watching tv , thinking. And eating popcorn. I wasn't feeling very good, though who would? I went and got up to go to the toilet. I decided I would shower that makes me feel better, most of the time. I went in and turned on the hot water, and took a shower.


I feel better now that I have showered and I'm listening to 1-D one of my favorite band EVA! I am Niall AF. He's my favorite. His Irish ac. Is so cute! I love him! Me and Olivia used to fan girl all the time about them. No, no , she's a traitor don't think of her... NO MORE! I cried a bit until nails part cam then I just looked so restated sitting in my kitchen blasting it and acting like a phyco. Then I heard it, I heard the thing on the tv I NEVER thought I would ever hear in my life...

Too be continued.

A/N IM SO SORRY I HAVNT UPDATED IN SO LONG. SCHOOL IS HARD and I have it now so my goal is 4 likes and 70 views! LOVE YOU!

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