Caved in

Zara has been bullied all her life and has to overcome the Obstacles life will throw at her, Read to find out what happens when she gets Suicidal .


2. 1 and Only


~~ Wednesday Zara woke up in the middle of the night crying with Fear and she was really Worried, Zara had a Bad Nightmare that her 1 and Only Best Friend Olivia abandoned  by her getting more Popular and forgot about Her. Zara tried to go to Bed again and soon fell into a deep Sleep that she wouldn't wake from. That Wednesday she woke up with the Sun in her face by her Window. She didn't want to get up and go to School, All Zara wanted to do was Lay in bed and Moan and Groan about the Difficulties of life. So Zara got up and had to get Dressed quickly so she wouldn't be late, After she got Dressed she went to the bathroom to do her hair in a Beautiful Ponytail and ran Downstairs to get breakfast, She ate some Cereal then Headed out the door with her Backpack. Zara got on her Bike and rode to school Alone.... When Zara got to school she was So worried that She would really lose Olivia by getting more Popular. Zara went to her Locker but tried to hide it Kind of Because She has Suicide notes and lots of Private stuff in her Locker. She got her books and Everything she needed to go to class, Zara's 1st Class was Reading which is her favorite out of All. As she walked down the hall Zara gets stared down by so many Strangers, Then the Popular girls showed up (Bullies). They pushed Zara down on the ground and kicked her Books, While everyone Gathered around and just Watched. No one bothered to help Zara but Olivia, She helped Zara up then grabbed her Books and her Arm and they Ran out of the Circle by pushing the Mean girls. Zara's Best Friend Olivia told her ''Be careful with those Popular girls, They can really drag you down''. As Olivia talked they went down the hall to Zara's Reading class and Like a true best friend she saved me from those Bullies. She gave Zara's Books back then Olivia ran into the hall trying to avoid the Popular Girls. Zara sat down in her seat and Got ready for Class by getting her Journal, She couldn't Resist but to Draw in her journal because when she Draws Zara feels like She's actually wanted in this Big Huge world. It was time to head to Chemistry, When I got in the Room, Mr. Bernitz told us to get out our Journal and do the following. Mix the Green Liquid with the Blue Liquid and Record the Data in your Notebook. -As I Poured the red into the blue I watched to see what happened-  I wrote in my journal~ When I mixed the Red into the Blue the Chemical Reaction was bubbling then the liquid soon Overflowed. As the time passed in Chemistry, Testing different Liquids with Each other throughout the Period. *Chemistry Ended* *Skips to Lunch* . When she sat down alone she was looking for Olivia so they could sit together, Suddenly she sees Olivia sitting with the Mean girls or bullies).

A/N~ Hey guys! My name is Courtney if you didn't know) :) Im new to this Movella thing so if you could tell me if this is a Good Story about a 15 year old having problems with Bullying & Suicide. Plz Like and Comment if you want more and Share Feedback or Errors etc. THX! <3

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