Another Day


5. chapter four

Chapter 4


As soon as we could get off of the plane I grabbed my bags and ran as fast I could without falling on my face out of the plane. I ran down the steps and into the airport. I took the escalator downstairs and found 4 boys horseplaying with a sign that read "Chelsea Herb". I walked over to them with a mile-long-smile. "Hi guys, my name is Chelsea, but um you can call me chels." I say with a half smile. "HI CHELSEA!!" the boys yell. "WE ARE FIVE SECONDS OF SUMMER!" I was so happy to see them but I have jet lag up the ass. All really wanted was some sleep. I acted as if I was wide awake so they wouldn't think I was a party pooper. "I KNOW" I say. I was always a shy girl after my parents died. I didn't talk much besides ya know introducing myself. All of the shyness kind of went away when I was with them. It made me feel happy."Guys I hate to say it but I'm starving!!!" Michael yelled "Is pizza fine?" Michael said. I am extremely in love with Michael. It was a little awkward because he never knew. I managed to get through with out embarrassing myself. "Sure." I said with a half smile. We all hopped into Ash's car, it was a but crowded but it worked.

~~~~~~~~~~Pizza Hut~~~~~~~~~~

"You can make it a little less obvious." I told Michael "What?" he said with a giggle. "Looking at my ass!" I yelled. "Couldn't help myself baby, it's just there. Kinda hard to miss!" he said "Baby ? Who's baby?" I told him, making him feel less of a big shot. "So rockstar, you gonna take me to dinner before you fuck me?" I told him with a loud laugh following. "Of course, where and when?" he said jokingly. I have been in love with Michael since his hair was blue. Obviously he never knew that, but only because I never met him. I hope I get a chance with this loser. We stayed at the pizza place for a long time, so I finally spoke up about being tired. "Im so tired guys, can we get going ?" I pleaded. "Sure, we'll go back to Calum's apartment, we can crash there for the night." Luke said. Michael and Calum shared the place, so he had his own room. Which was great.

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