Another Day


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3


I started packing moments after I received the email. I packed my entire closet, well I was staying for a year, so. Before my dad past away her made me a debit card for emergencies only with anywhere from 5 to 6,000 dollars. I took the card and had my aunt drive me to the air port. I didn't have anyone anymore, both of my parents died and the only reason I'm not in foster care is because I just turned 18. I went through security, and sat down in Terminal 6 waiting to board the plane. I live in Aussie so it was about a 15 hour flight. My flight had been called up 15 minutes after I sat down so, I gave the very good looking attendant my boarding pass and he waved me on through. I almost couldn't believe this was all happening to me. I was extremely tired from the night before, reason being I was too excited to sleep ! I closed my eyes and slept for quite a while. A young girl about 6 was sitting next to me along with her older sister around the age of 17 or so. They were blonde, and blue-eyed. I asked the young one her name, but no response.. I figured maybe she didn't know any English so I didn't mind her the rest of the way. I was a bit thirsty so I asked one of the attendants for some water, but she said that we would be preparing for landing in a few minutes. Maybe I slept longer than I thought?

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