Another Day


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2



Waking up, excited as usual, I checked my email for the five hundredth time this past month. 1..2.. emails popped up, I clicked on one of them, getting anxious. An email from Target saying they accepted me for a job I had applied for last week. Good news, but not what I was looking for. The next was a stupid letter saying I've won a " new car ". Putting it into my spam folder disappointed & depressed, I started tearing up. When I get really sad, bathing usually helps. I walked into my bathroom and started running the bath. Grabbing my phone from the front pocket of my phone, I tapped on the spotify icon and started playing my "depressing playlist" I made the day before preparing for this. It included, Amnesia, Beside you, Sex, Lego house, and I Miss You. After 45 minutes of sobbing in the tub, I get out. Rapping the towel under my arms and around my body, I walk over to my laptop. I opened it up and realized that what I saw I almost couldn't comprehend. YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO COME WITH THE BOYS FOR A YEAR TRIP! WE ARE SENDING YOU TO THE AIR PORT FIRST THING IN THE MORNING TO TAKE A STRAIGHT FLIGHT TO L.A WHERE THE BOYS WILL PICK YOU UP! SEE YOU THEN. HAPPY FLYING -Management , I read aloud tearing up. I clicked on the link to a video, "HEY WERE 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER, AND WE HAVE ARE GLAD TO CONGRATULATE YOU IN AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME!! WE WILL SEE YOU, AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF TOMORROW AROUND 11:45!!"...."BYE!!!" They said in synchronization.

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