Problems || h.s

" You can't fix a problem the way you started it, Or so they say "


9. #9

Diana's P.O.V

Body swayed as intoxicated teens grinded on one an another some where drinking others eating each others faces as New Americana by Halsey busted threw the speakers. Why the hell did i come here?

Because you let yourself be persuaded by a curly haired,possessive freak that you have now found your self infatuated with.

I scowled at myself. God Damn that boy. I pushed threw the crowd to find the boys sitting in a booth in the far back covered with girls and boys and a table full of drinks. I shaker my head i go to the bathroom for a few minutes and I've already lost my place. I walked over to them one hand glued at my hips as i shot daggers at them. " Whats with the look buttercup? " Louis said a smirk etched on his face. " Don't fuck with me today Louis, Im tired i should be at home sleeping but you bastards convinced me to come here where almost all our school is literally having dry sex with one another. Don't fucking ask me what is with the look now can we leave?" I grumbled taking a seat next to Harry. " My my someones feisty " Niall chuckled. I sighed and rested my head on the table. " You guys are such a hassle. " i grumbled against the table. My breath hitched when i felt a hot breath near my ear making the hairs on my neck stand and goosebumps to cover my skin. " Well if you want to go home so bad let me take you? " he said his free hand rubbing my inner thigh " Maybe we could even do something else " he added his voice laced with seductiveness as his fingers tapped on the skin dangerously close to my vagina. My face was beat read as i abruptly stood up from the table catching everyones attention. " I-I need some fresh air " i stammered as i ran out Micheal Davidson's i ran down the steps and layed my self on the grass my breathing slowly regaining a healthy pace. My mind was clouded with his strong aroma. My body was developing a saudade feeling to his touch and not only that the places he touched have been burning since i left. I tugged at my hair. No.. No... NO! I can't fall in love with him, not again! I can't let him hurt me like before! At this point tears were caressing my cheeks as i glued my eyes shut.

Don't say you can't fall in when your already deep in his abyss.

My mind reminded me as i curled into a ball. I glanced at the stars for a while till my eyes finally gave in and shut themselves close.

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