Problems || h.s

" You can't fix a problem the way you started it, Or so they say "


8. #8

Harry's P.O.V

Days have passed, Weeks even! The doctor said that it was unusual to get a coma from getting hit by a door. The lads have been telling me to get up and get fresh air but how could i? It was my fault for swinging the door open like that, Its my fault that she's in a coma and possibly could die! I shivered at the thoughts of her pale body laying in a casket, I slumped down in the hospital chair. Ive been here since the incidence not eating, not sleeping doing nothing but hoping that her beautiful blue eyes would flutter open. I sighed and decided to call the boys, its the last day of summer after all and the back to school party is tonight, i couldn't just miss that? I grabbed my phone and dialled Niall, after a few rings he picked up " Harry Mate! whats up? " he said his Irish accent thicker than usual " Well you know its the last day of summer and the party is today so do you mind picking me up at the Hospital? " i asked getting up from my chair and walking to the door " Of course mate! see you soon " he said as he hung up. I huffed and turned to Diana one more time and blew her a kiss before leaving. I jogged down the hospital stairs till the entrance were Niall's white Range Rover appeared, i ran to it and hopped in. " Were gonna go to Starbucks to meet the lads ok? " he said as he turned on Stanley street. I nodded and turned up the radio. We jammed to Demons by Imagine Dragons the whole way. We hopped down from the vehicle and walked into the coffee shop filled with Teenagers, Middle aged Men and Women and Senior citizens. We spotted Louis, Liam, Zayn and Amber... Wait AMBER!? We ran to the guys " Why is she here? " I asked furring my eyebrows " What? Not happy to see your Girl friend? " she asked a smug look on her face. " Oh and hows that ugly girl again what her name? Deandra? Diane? oh yea Diana! I hope she dies " she said sipping her Cotton Candy Frap. My jaw tensed How dare she say something like that! Diana isn't ugly she's Beautiful, Smart, Funny, Very Shy but i think its cute and i know damn well she has Self Respect for herself un like Amber. If someone was supposed to get the boot i know it wouldn't be Diana i thought, I glanced at the boys who were ready to pounce on Amber " Look who's talking I'm pretty sure she's prettier than you " Niall retorted glaring at Amber " How dare you! I am of course prettier than that slut! " she yelled grabbing everyones attention " No your not Amber and i've been meaning to tell you this but were over. Your such a slut and you think i don't know what you do behind my back?! Your so full of yourself its disgusting you talk to much and its fucking annoying and worst of all You throw yourself at any dude who can catch you and that is just down right low. Learn to respect your self Amber " I said glaring at her and grabbing the tea i had ordered " Lets go mates " i said walking away with the boys leaving a shocked Amber behind. We hopped into Niall's Range and drove off " Great job Mate you finally dumped her slutty arse " Louis cheered, I chuckled " Yeah i guess it was finally time " i said grinning. Niall pulled into my driveway when my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller ID HOSPITAL, i quickly picked up and pressed speakerphone " Hello? Is this Mr Styles? " the masculine voice filled the room " Yes and this is? " i asked furrowing my eyebrows " This is Dr Mark i believe you know Mrs Diana Smith? " he asked my eyes shot open and so did the boys " Yes! Is she ok? " i asked sounding very worried " Yes she's fine she just woke up, She is wants to see you, a Mr Tomlinson, a Mr Payne, a Mr Horan and a Mr Malik " the doctor said " Were on our way " i said and hung up. I looked at the boys " TO THE HOSPITAL " we cheered.

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