Problems || h.s

" You can't fix a problem the way you started it, Or so they say "


7. #7

I woke up a huge pounding sensation in my head " What The Utter Fuck? " i muttered tearing my sheets of my bare skin. I tried to pull myself up but was pulled back down by something.. I furrowed my eyebrows as i glanced over to the other side of my bed to be greeted to a half naked Harry and a hell of a lot of curls. My eyes shot open as i pryed his arms off me and ran to the nearest bathroom i could find and locked the door, I began hyperventilating as i slid down the wooden door why was Harry half naked i mean I'm not naked right? i thought to my self as i glanced down to see i was only in my White lace Victoria Secret undergarments. I began freaking out but suddenly stopped when i heard footsteps " Fuck Fuck Fuck " i said as i unlocked the door, threw of my undergarments and hopped into the shower. I opened the tap letting hot water fall like a waterfall that's when the door opened " Diana you here? " a husky voice asked, wait that voice isn't that Harry!? " U-Uh yea " i stuttered god i know what that pervert is gonna say next " Oh well since your showering and i want to shower too why don't we shower together like you know save water.. " he said obviously a smirk glued on his breath-taking face " Uh no thanks it- " i was cut of by Harry entering the shower his body pressed on mine " Too late " he whispered seductively in my ear sending chills down my spine and goosebumps on my skin he trapped me against the wall his hands over my head " Harry you shouldn't be doing i don't like when you do things like this" i begged only to earn a chuckle from him, He leaned over to my exposed neck and began sucking on it gently he slid down one of his long slender hands to my private area and began rubbing my clitoris. A moan escaped my lips receiving a smirk from him " I thought you said you didn't like when i did things like this to you.. Cause your body is telling me otherwise " he whispered in my ear gently placing hot kisses down my collarbone, he was interrupted by the sound of a knock filling the room " God is it so hard to have some alone time in this house? " he muttered very annoyed making me giggle. " Harry i don't get it.. " i asked as i grabbed my strawberry shampoo and massaged it into my hair he furrowed his eyebrows " Get what? " he said as he grabbed his shampoo too and rubbed it into his hair " Well i mean seriously you guys hated me back in school and now you guys are acting like i'm some sort of delicious meat " i said staring at him my hands on my hip, He chuckled " If anyone is aloud to look at you like meat its me and i guess we just realized how beautiful you are and i mean it " he said intertwining our fingers and pecking me on the lips. I blushed scarlet making him chuckle. We finished showering and wrapped the towels around our bodies and walking into our separate rooms. God Harry is so cheesy and cute i think i love him but i don't want to get my heart broken by him again...

- Flash Back -

I walked into the hell hole called school with a smile on my face. Why you ask? Because its me and Harry's 5 month anniversary i smiled as i stared at the paper airplane necklace i was just about to give him. I ignored the glares and whispers as i walked over to find Harry. I looked everywhere but i couldn't see him. What the hell? I decided that id go to the S hall for the intellectual students maybe he was visiting his sister Gemma. I walked over to the S hall walking past the toilets when i heard a moan, i shrugged it off probably some sluts again but i became pale when i heard " Harry " a high pitched voice moaned. I quickly glanced to the right to see Harry making out with some Blondie.My eyebrows furrowed as i let a hurt expression take over my the happy expression i had on before. They both turned around smirks and smug looks on their faces. I could feel my heart drop, my eyes widen and the moisture of tears as they ran down my face.. " H-Harry why? " i whimpered staring at him only to make him chuckle " What? You actually believed the shit i told you about how i love you? I mean seriously who could love an ugly, weird, waste of space, freaky slut like you?! Your too ugly to be loved but Autumn on the other hand is beautiful the opposite of you " he said a look of arrogance and pride painted on his face. The tears began running even faster " And me who was a fool to believe you were different and that you actually loved me.. F-FINE THEN I-H-HATE YOU! " I yelled throwing the necklace on the floor and running out of the S hall, Heartbroken and Scared. 

- End of Flashback -

I shivered as i tossed those thoughts to the back of my mind and eyed my closet up and down looking for an outfit. I decided on a simple white muscle tee with the American flag on it, a striped bandeau, navy blue acid washed jean shorts and my Red vans. I walked over to the vanity and straightened my long black hair. I grabbed a White Daises and Red Roses flower crown and placed it on my head. After all my preparing was done i jogged down the stairs to the kitchen grabbing some painkillers to help the terrible headache i had this morning and chugged them down with water. I was about to leave the kitchen when i bumped into Louis oh crap. " Uh Hey " i said scratching the back of my neck awkwardly " Hey, Look i wanted to ask you something.. " He started as he stared his Blue sapphires into my Green Emeralds. I shrugged " Sure whats up " I said plopping onto a bar stool and patting a place for him. " Well do you uh want to go to the carnival? " he slurred fiddling with his thumbs i stared at him shocked is THE Louis Tomlinson Football Captain asking me out? " Sure why not? " i smiled. His head bolted up a wide grin on his face " Seriously!? I-i mean seriously? ok cool so hum 8:00? " he asked trying to cover up this excitement from the beginning making me grin along with him " 8:00 it is mr Tomlinson " i giggle as i walked out of the kitchen and into the living room to be greeted by some Hormonal Jerks and when i say that i mean Liam, Zayn,Niall and Harry. Just his name made my heart skip a beat. I huffed grasping their attention " Oh hey Diana " Liam said waving as he flashed me his wide toothed smile that could kill. Zayn and Niall waved and Harry just smirked at me even that could make me want to flip over a table. " So Diana want to go to the movies today? " Liam asked closing his book staring at me. Crap. " Uh i can't cause I'm going to the carnival with Lou " I said nonchalantly plopping into a chair. They stared at me like i just said something completely Heinous " When you say Lou do you mean Louis? " Niall asked crossing his arms. I nodded. They stayed frozen till Harry shot up from the couch his hands balled into fists, Jaw clenched, eyes darkened and nose fuming, he must be really mad. " Were is that prick? " he growled staring at me "K-Kitchen " i stuttered pointing to the kitchen were he stomped of too slamming the door on his way in. Their screams could be heard threw out the house as they argued about me. I suddenly felt a pang of guilt hit me. I was responsible for their bickering and I'm here doing nothing. I got up from the couch and walked over the door as i was about to twist the knob the door swung open hitting me in the face on knocking me out... Great.


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