Problems || h.s

" You can't fix a problem the way you started it, Or so they say "


6. #6

Diana's P.O.V

I laid there on the bed staring at the ceiling wondering what my punishment would be when suddenly the door swung open grabbing my attention, i looked up to see Harry leaning on the door his usual smirk on his face and a black bag swung over his shoulders " Punishment time " he cooed as he walked into the room and locked the door. i looked at him confused as he sat at the edge of the bed unzipping the bag i crawled behind him and sneaked a peek at what was in the bag a Vibrator and 2 hand cuffs... Why the fuck does Harry have stuff like this!? I quickly crawled back to the middle of the bed and pretended to stair at the ceiling again. I closed my eyes and heard a snapping sound i looked to see Harry cuffing my hands and legs to the bed. " Now rules of punishment No Moaning or Groaning if you do Moan or Groan i will spank you, You are allowed to anything else understood? " I nodded If i fight it i will just end up getting hurt it would make the few weeks i have here so much easier if i obey right? I felt movements on the bed i looked up to see Harry hovering over me a sly grin on his face when suddenly he glued his lips onto mine the kiss was so sweet and gentle yet firm i could feel the butterflies and the sparks i hope he knows that this is my first kiss, his hands slid to my waist gripping them firmly, he grinded himself on me I bit my lip as a groan was dangerously close to escaping. He widened his mouth transforming this kiss into full on snogging, i can't say i wasn't enjoying it cause i was like ALOT, I felt his hands slide to my back his lips never leaving mine as he untied my bikini exposing my breast to him, he pulled away and stared at them in shock licking his lips making my cheeks turn scarlet, he gently placed his lips in the valley of my breast as his hands squeezed them gently i could feel a hot pool beginning to form down there, I bit my lip harder as a moan was on the verge of escaping i glues my eyes shut as he began sucking on my nipples " God Harry you know your making this really hard for me not to moan.. " I cooed as i shifted my head to the side, he chuckled " I know love.. " he said as he began lowering his kisses. He stopped as he reached the line of my bikini " Now its time for the real fun " he said as he while he began slidding it down, he buried his tounge in my entrace as he began licking me while he rubbed my clit.. " Harry " i moaned as i arched my back. He began rubbing harder and licking me faster making me even more wet. He pulled out his tongue and stopped rubbing " Your really wet " he said smirking at me " Oh and didn't you moan before?? " he asked as he hovered over me again his green orbs piercing into my crystals.. I nodded, " Since its your first punishment ill let it go but dont do it again kay babe? " he said staring at my naked figure i nodded once more as he glued his lips on my neck and began sucking it, Suddenly someone knocked on the door making him stop. He hopped of me and un-cuffed me, i sat in a sitting position and rubbed my wrists while he finished packing up his stuff " Harry are you in here!! " i heard Anne yell from the other side of the door " No its just me Anne! " i cooed as i slipped on a random shirt and some cotton shorts while Harry zipped up his bag and swung it over his shoulders " Ok! Ill be going on a buisness trip for 2 weeks call me if you need anything! " she said as i heard luggage wheels spin around the room and a door slam. I sighed " Well i better get going i hope you enjoyed your punishment " he said winking at me as he left my room leaving me quite aroused..

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