Problems || h.s

" You can't fix a problem the way you started it, Or so they say "


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Harry's P.O.V

Me and the lads sat in the movie room talking about the games " Ok so you have to make her fall in love with you you have 2 weeks to make her say I love you and you cant say it to her first ok? If she tells you I love you call us and we have a meeting declaring the winner understood? " Louis said as he glanced at Me Liam and Niall, we nodded " Good let the games begin " Louis cooed. As we began getting up we were interrupted by foot steps " Uh am i interrupting? " Diana said leaning against the wall in a Bikini.. I stared at her up and down as i began licking my lips, she wore a simple bikini the top was a nice light blue and the bottom had the british flag on it. God it was sexy " oh uhm no not at all " Louis said biting his lips " Oh ok i was wondering if one of you could tie the bikini for me... " she said turning around.. I looked at the boys and sprinted to Diana as Louis was hot on my trail followed by Liam and Niall. I ended up reaching their first. I took the strings in my hand and tied them, My lips brushed past her earlobe as i whispered to her " I would have loved to untie it " i whispered grabbing her hips gently pulling her towards me, i could see her cheeks turn scarlet making me chuckle " AHEM! " Louis said clearing his throat making me let go of Diana, i turned around and glared at him as he flashed me a smirk " Oh how about we come swimming with you Diana? " Liam asked walking up to Diana and snaking his arm around her waist " Uh sure why not " she said wiggling her way out of Liam's grasp and walking to the pool. " OH JESUS CHRIST DID YOU SEE THAT BODY OF HERS LIKE OH HOT DAMN!!! " Niall yelled as he was spazzing on the floor i chuckled " I know oh hot damn! well we better get going " Liam said running out of the room followed by Me Louis and Niall.

Diana's P.O.V

When Harry's fingers touched my skin i felt butterflies erupt in my stomach and when he whispered to me i swear i turned scarlet! I walked into the backyard where the pool was and sat on the lounge chair while i finished The fault in our stars as it was needed for the summer reading list. I was interrupted by a throat clearing i looked up to see Niall hovering over me with smirks plastered on their faces.. " Well hello there beautiful " Niall said draping his hands around my waist " Uhm Niall you're making me uncomfortable " i said diverting my gaze from his face. I felt his hand cup my chin pushing me to face him " Oh am i? " he said as his lips brushed past my neck. He suddenly began sucking it making my eyes grow wide. I closed my eyes as his lips traveled from my neck to my collar bone, i placed my hands on his chest as i tried to push him away but failed completely... When suddenly Niall was yanked off me and was thrown into the pool. My eyes fluttered open to be met by Harry's Green orbs staring at me i leaped out of the lounge chair and into his arms as he carried me his signature smirk on his face " Miss me already? " he asked sending me his cheekiest grin my cheeks flushed bright pink " Cm'on i don't think you should go swimming again " he said glaring at Niall who just shrugged. We walked up the stairs and quickly entered my room. He threw me on the bed roughly " What did i say about having relationships with my friends? " he growled, i stared at him confused what just happened a few seconds ago!? He was so nice and sweet now look at him a complete dick! He walked up to the bed a sly grin plastered on his face " Your going to need to be punished " was the last thing he said as he stepped out of my room confused as fuck.


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