Problems || h.s

" You can't fix a problem the way you started it, Or so they say "


4. #4

Diana's P.O.V

I stood there frozen What in hell's name just happened? I sighed as i snapped back into reality. " This is all bull shit " i mumbled as i grabbed the book i needed to read for the summer reading list and my Phone and headphones and jogged down stairs. Im not going to let him pretend to love me and then break my heart with no remorse not again. I stopped halfway down the stairs when i heard a familiar giggle " Don't tell me that bitch is here " i mumbled as i continued my way down the stairs to be met by the all so devilish bitches of all the bitches.. Amber and her crew of mosquitos " Harry babe why is slutty Diana in here " she whined sending me death glares. Oh god how i want to slap this bitch i sighed " I don't have time for this " i mumbled as i shoved past Amber and her pesky mosquitos " Did i say i finished talking to you " she snapped grabbing my wrist. Is this bitch trying to upset me? " Babe i think you should let go " Harry warned " Yea i think you should " Louis said mimicking Harry as the other boys nodded "No i am not going to let go now you slut answer my question did i finish talking to you " she snapped tightening her grip on my wrist. I bit my lip in frustration is she trying to get me to kill her or something?! " are you deaf or something probably why your parents gave you away probably couldn't keep up with your bull shit" she said a smug look plastered on her face. Oh this bitch just crossed the line, I turned around and slapped her left cheek making her yelp in pain as she fell onto the floor " You little bitch! you think its cause i endure your stupidity that i can't snap? Why don't you go to all those maids that serve your every will and tell them to teach you fucking manners! " i scoffed turning around and making my way to the kitchen " Oh and next time you dare talk about my family i will be putting you six feet under the ground understood? " i spat sending her a glance as she laid on the floor her hand on her cheek as the boys surrounded her. I smirked and walked into the kitchen slamming the door. 

Harry's P.O.V

" I told you to let her go why are you so stubborn? " i asked as i picked Amber up and laid her on the couch " But you cant lie that was so hot! i mean like did you see how pissed she was god damn! " Niall said plopping into an arm chair i chuckled it was true she did look hot.. the way the way she bit her luscious lips god it was such a turn on! " I know right i swear the things i would do to her... " Louis said as he bit his lips what in the hell's name does he think he is going to do i hope he knows that if he lays a finger on her i will slit his throat right? " You idiot's realize were still here? " Samantha spat sending us disgusted glares " Oh we know we just choose to ignore you " Liam said taking his eyes of his book. Ashley groaned " Ok were leaving im bored of this shit.. And tell that whore to stay away from Amber and her stupid family can fu- " She was interrupted by the kitchen door swinging open and a red faced Diana barging in " Witch one of you demented bitches talked about my family again " She growled glaring at all of us. A smirk played on my face it was so sexy when she was mad not like Amber when amber was mad you think she's some sort of fucked up gorilla " She did " Samantha said pointing at Ashley who was completely terrorized " Get the fuck out and grab your damn piece of shit out of this house.. NOW! " Diana yelled pointing at the door as they scurried away, She walked over to the door and slammed it shut " How can you stand such a conceded bitch like her? I mean seriously with all the money and parents you'd expect her to have some manners. Fucked up prick " she said sighing as she ran her hand threw her beautiful black hair . Niall chuckled as he said  " That i can agree with she is quite conceded, Harry why are you dating her i mean seriously though " as she shot up from the arm chair and went over to Diana wrapping his arms around her waist " What the fuck do you think your doing Horan. Does it look like i'm in the mood for your Kinky games?! God all you boys are the same. Always acting like perverted sadists" She said slapping his arms away from her and stomping up the stairs. " Great job Horan now how was i supposed to have sex with her! " Louis yelled mumbling various curse words under his breath " Woah woah what do you mean have sex with her?! Excuse me but i want that go get your own Tomlinson " Niall spat glaring at Louis " Mate your not the only one " Liam said getting up and walking over to the two idiots who were prepared to beat the shit out of each other, i chuckled there is no way in hell i'm letting them near Diana " what are you laughing about curly? " Niall spat as he clenched his fists " at the fact that you guys are so stupid to think to be able to fuck her.. Excuse me but if any of you perverted pricks dare touch Diana i will slit your throat under stood? " i said calmly as i got up from the couch i was sitting on " Fuck no way i want Diana you have Amber and if you want Diana so bad why don't we play a little game " Louis said sending me Niall and Liam his natural smirk. " Im in " Niall cooed " I do too " Liam said agreeing with Niall i sighed this is the only way i can protect and have Diana all to myself.. " Fine im in " i said staring at the ground " Perfect i'll tell you the rules tomorrow see ya guys! " Louis cooed as he jogged out of the house followed by the other lads. God i know im going to regret this...

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