Problems || h.s

" You can't fix a problem the way you started it, Or so they say "


3. #3

Diana's P.O.V

I laid on my bed my eyes still wide as my heart began skipping beats. Why in the hell's name would Louis say something so vulgar! The words ' Don't worry love we will get to fuck soon. ' echoed threw my mind. What does he mean by that? its not like I'm going to loose my virginity to him... right? Of course he wouldn't try to rape me? or could he? OK THATS IT NO MORE ASKING FUCKED UP QUESTIONS! i sighed and hopped out of bed. I began unpacking my clothes since i had nothing else to do. - After unpacking - I picked up my red lacy thong as it was the last undergarment i needed to pack in the drawers when suddenly the door swung open. I quickly turned my head towards the door to see Harry leaning on it. I quickly hid it hoping he didn't see it. " Darling don't worry i already saw it and may i add that i'd love to see you in it " he said flashing me a wink my cheeks flushed red as i quickly shoved it into my drawer. " Any way i  came here to set some things straight ok? " he said as he closed the door behind him walking towards me. i nodded as i closed the drawer and face my attention towards Harry " Rule number 1 You do what i say when i say it no objections under stood sweetie? " he said grabbing me my waist making my stomach do a million flips " W-What do you mean by i do what you say? "i asked staring into his green orbs. A smirk crawled on his irresistible face " You'll see in dew time " he said kissing my cheek " Anyway.. Rule number 2 no talking back or attitude Rule number 3 Don't you dare have any sort of relationships with my friends ok? Rule number 4 You call me master or Sir never Harry disobey any of these rules and you will be punished ok darling. " he said pulling me closer to him closing the space between us, His lips brushed past my neck as he began kissing and sucking on it, my eyes grew wide " M-Master " i moaned. His lips left my neck as he spoke " Oh and Don't fall in love with me " was the last thing he said as he let go of my waist  turned on his heel and walked away leaving me in the middle of the room Shocked Surprised and longing for his touch. 

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