Problems || h.s

" You can't fix a problem the way you started it, Or so they say "


2. #2


Harry's P.O.V

" Liam you cheated! " Louis whined, I chuckled while running my hand threw my hair " You guys are so fucking childish. " Niall complained his eyes still glued on his phone. " No we are not And i did- " Liam was caught off by the door swinging open. Our heads turned to see my mum and Diana standing at the door " Why in the hells name is she here? " i scoffed turning my glance to Diana who stared at the ground uncomfortably. I can't lie she was gorgeous her Jet Black hair was in a braid with a white and black striped beanie over her head, a long-sleeved white crop top that showed her belly piercing which was pretty hot, a black pleated skirt and a pair of white chuck Taylor's. She had a Jack Wills duffle bag swung across her shoulders as she her eyes scanned the room. My mother sighed " I told you Harry that she will be staying with us for a while.. " My mother said inviting Diana in who still looked quit uncomfortable as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. " What her parents finally gave her up? " i spat a smirk plastered on my face " Harold " my mother warned as she shot me a death glare. " Sorry about him Diana why don't i show you your room ok? " My mother asked Diana who looked lost in thought " Huh? Oh uh yes please " she said her eyes glued on her shoes like they had some sort of importance. " Great come along then! " My mother said as she began walking up the stairs followed by Diana. Louis whistled as she passed by him making her rush up the stairs. " Did you see her?! She is hot as fuck! " Louis said as he licked his lips " That i can agree! Its like she got hotter in between the few weeks of summer break. " Niall said as he placed his phone in his pocket. I shrugged " She still looks ugly to me " Zayn said as he placed his feet on the table. " Are you crazy!? I mean look at that ass like da- " Louis was interrupted by footsteps coming down the stairs " Ok so Diana if you need anything ask Harry i have to go out to a meeting, you know my number call if anything happens and welcome! " my mother cooed as she grabbed her coat and walked out living us home with Diana.. " I guess its just us 5 and you love " Louis said as he got up and began walking towards her she looked at him " I-I g-guess so uh i-i should g-go unpack " she stuttered as she quickly turned and jogged up the stairs. But louis grabbed her wrist and spinned her towards him making their bodes collide. I felt myself turn green with jealousy The fuck did he think he was doing? " Louis " i warned, he turned around and gave me his signature smirk and returned to face Diana. He leaned over to hear ear and whispered something making her eyes grow wide as he let go of her wrist and walked into the game room. She stared their frozen until she quickly turned on her heal and ran up the stairs..

 I wonder what Louis told her....

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