Problems || h.s

" You can't fix a problem the way you started it, Or so they say "


11. #11

Diana's P.O.V

My eyes fluttered open as i glanced at the iPhone that laid on the mahogany mini table that stayed glued to my bed.

I rubbed my eyes gently as i picked it up, it read 4:54, I groaned softly I had went to bed after i had eaten dinner and packed the stuff i needed for school which was around 10:00PM, so that could explain why i woke up so early.

I softly pulled the covers of me and slipped into a pair of beige rilakkuma bear slippers,i walked towards the door slowly opening it.

 I tip-toed down the stairs to find Harry on the couch with his phone in one hand and cereal in the other. " Why are you up at 5:45 in the morning? " i whispered as my feet collided with the wood of the living room.

" I could ask you the exact same question "  He said softly standing up from the ruby couch and walking over to me, He looked so different in the moonlight, his hair looking softer than usual, his lips more tempting than before, his skin seeming softer and his eyes brighter than ever it was.

I stood there in awe staring at his beautiful features. " You ok there? " he said waving his hands in front of my face. Without thinking i gently grabbed his cheek it felt like some unknown force was guiding me. He stood there shocked as his emerald eyes burned holes into mine.

" Would it be weird if i say you look hotter in the dark? " i asked softly as my eyes glanced toward his lips that formed a breathtaking smirk different than the ones that were always there. " You know it wouldn't be weird at all, Would it be weird if i say i want to know how your lips feel against mine? " he asked gently placing his forehead against mine.

My breath hitched at his words. " N-Not at all " i whispered shakily as his mint flavoured breaths clouded my mind. Gently  he leaned in our lips brushing against each others, i gently pushed my lips towards his and kissed him softly, his hands found there way to my waist as mine found there way to his neck my fingers playing with his. The kiss was short but gentle like a small caress or like a feathery pillow, just soft and longing like there were too much ineffable emotions to be said and were explained in this kiss.

We pulled apart shortly our noses brushing each others and our foreheads still glued together. I smiled sheepishly as i glanced at his breathtaking orbs. I slowly dug my head into the crook of his neck taking in his peppermint scent. I stayed like this for a while till i drifted off into an enjoyable slumber.


I woke up again but this time at 7:00.

I hopped out of bed and into the shower. I had 1 hour to look the most presentable i can for my senior year.

I brushed my teeth and ran the hot water Multitasking was the only way i was going to finish my morning routine without taking 30 minutes. After quickly brushing and washing away with mouth wash i stepped into the shower, i grabbed My favourite body wash and began washing myself all over...

.......... After a 15 minute morning routine ................

I hopped out of the shower a towel around my body and one around my hair. I open the bathroom door to see Gemma freaking out in my room.

" WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I WEAR! " She yelled pacing the room frantically.  I stared at her wide eyed. " WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME I STILL DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL TO WEAR! " I yelled back she abruptly stopped took my wrist and dragged me to Harry's Room.

" HAROLD WHAT SHOULD I WEAR " She yelled as she busted open his room door. Harry was on his bed a towel wrapped around his torso and his phone of course in his hands. I glanced at the delicious 6-pack that decorated his sun-kissed skin. His eyes shot open and sighed. " Every fucking time. " he muttered before getting out of bed and walking towards us as we stood at his door.

" Gem show me to your closet. " he sighed as Gemma squealed and showed us to her room, Once we entered Harry found his way to her closet and in under 10 minutes brought out and outfit that would look stunning on Gemma. A nice daisy crop top with a circle neck and a white pleated skirt overalls, a pair of black knee socks and pair of black heels.

Gemma stood there in awe at the outfit. " THANKS HAZZA YOUR THE BEST! " she yelled letting go of my wrist and hugging her brother. He chuckled as he hugged her back. I smiled at the scene before leaving and walked to my room.

I walked to my closet and decided on a simple mint cropped long sleeve shirt,a Light Coral high waisted pleated skirt and a pair of gladiator style heels. I smiled as i twirled in the outfit. I walked over to the vanity as i glanced at the time on my phone. 7:40.

 (* Since they are seniors the girls can wear heels. )

" Fuck " i muttered as i quickly put on some foundation, mascara and lip balm. I let my jet black hair fall it was naturally curly at the ends so i decided to leave it that way as i cupped it to each side of my shoulders. I grabbed my bag and stuffed my phone in the front pocket.

I walked down the stairs and greeted Anne as i took a pop tart, Gemma coming down shortly. " By the way girls the boys already left. So i will be driving you guys. " Anne said as she took her brief case and we walked towards the door. I glanced at my phone 7:50. Class starts at 8:15. I huffed at least ill have time to get my books and time table. 

.............. Their arrival ...........

Once we opened the big black doors of the school it all fell silent. I glanced at Gem who was smirking. Gemma was one of those popular girls so she was used to all the attenion. Me on the other hand not really. I glanced up and saw Harry and the boys staring at me, Harry wore a a loose white shirt with a black blazer swung over it, his favourite black belt, his black skinny jeans and his brown boots, with a black beanie swung over his curls and a brown watch on his wrist. 

(* Harry's Outfit )

He looked bashing as he smirked at me, I was walking to the secretary alone since Gem went to have a chat with her friends when i abruptly bumped into someone. And Damn that someone was hot.

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