Problems || h.s

" You can't fix a problem the way you started it, Or so they say "


10. #10

Diana's P.O.V

I woke up on a soft mattress. I lifted my self up my body resting on the headrest . How the fuck did i get here? i thought i remember i was lying down on the grass at Micheal's house thinking about...him.

Harry.I sighed as his name clouded my thoughts. I glanced at my phone, 25th August 7:30...August? AUGUST!? 

" Shit shit shit school starts today!. FUCK! " i yelled hopping out of bed and sprinting downstairs." DO YOU GUYS KNOW IT- " i stopped as i saw Gemma, Anne, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis all eating breakfast clothed. They glanced up at me and their jaws fell open. " Hun you might need some clothes. " Anne said standing up and walking towards me. I glanced at my body to find that i was just in my Victoria Secret Hot pink panties that said BE MINE in bold and my black solid bra.

The boys chuckled as there eyes roamed my body furiously. My eyes widened in blimey. " Y-Yea im gonna get some clothes. " i stuttered running to the bathroom and closing the door behind me panting as i slid down the white door running my hands threw my hair.

After a few minutes i finally decided to get up brush my teeth and take a long shower.

Harry's P.O.V

The way Diana's ass looked in that underwear sure awoken me ( If you know what i mean ;) ). Apparently the school is finishing up their renovations so there won't be school for one more day good for us since we kinda forgot back to school shopping.

After an hour Diana came out in  black leggings, an overside white cotton sweater, a grey beanie a pair of white keds and a black and white striped satchel swung over one of her shoulders. " Oh you're ready? Perfect lets go Shopping! " Gemma yelled grabbing a coat and shooing us outside to my mum's white Range Rover Evoque. We all entered the car, Zayn Liam and Louis sat at the back, Me Diana and Niall sat in the middle and Gemma in the passenger. The drive to the mall was silent besides the radio that played different songs.

Once we reached our destination we stepped out and formed a little circle in the parking lot. " Ok " my mum started " Boys you do your own shopping meaning, Clothes, Supplies, bags and a new wallet. " She gave us 2500$ " 500$ For each " My mum said giving me a stern look since im usually the one who always passes the budget. I chuckled " Ill respect the budget mum. " i said a smile playing at my lips. " Sure.... " my sister retorted rolling her eyes. " Gemma and Diana you guys have 1200$ 600 each ok girls? " They nodded " We meet at the Mcdonalds at the food court in 3 hours. Now SHOP! " my mum declared shooing us off.

Diana's P.O.V

Me and Gemma sprinted to a near TOPSHOP. My family might not have had enough money to afford a lot of things but that didn't mean i wasn't aware of the trends. " Ok  "Gemma said pulling out a map. I glanced at her dumbfounded. She smirked, " Here- "  she began pointing at the red star on the map, i assume its TOPSHOP. " Is were we are. Were going to go to all these 6 Stores. TOPSHOP, ASOS, HOLLISTER, FOREVER 21, PACSUN and WET SEAL.  We spend 300$ Each for clothes. We spend 50$ at each store and lucky for us all of them are doing sales from 25% to 50%. Then we move on. We spend 200$ each for school supplies at these 3 stores. Target, Kmart and Office Max. and the extra 100$ i suggest using 40$ for a school bag and wallet and the other 60$ keep incase. " She said pointing at all the places as she spoke.  " We keep in touch with our phones and we meet here in 2hours and 30 minutes. Ok? " I nodded and we separated. I walked towards TOPSHOP and she Jogged towards Hollister. 

- 2 hours and 30 minutes later.

I walked back to TOPSHOP spotting Gemma on her phone leaning against the wall. " HEY GEM! " i yelled my forearm decorated with shopping bags just like Gemma. " DIA!! " she yelled running towards me. " Omg i saved so much! and can you believe it i have 70$ instead of 60$ i swear Pacsun's sales were INCREDIBLE! " i squealed as she giggled at my reaction. We began walking to the Mcdonalds giggling and glancing at shops as we walked by. 

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