Problems || h.s

" You can't fix a problem the way you started it, Or so they say "


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Diana's P.O.V

I jolted out of bed at the sound of something crashing. I sped down the stairs to see my mother on the floor a huge cut on the side of her breast, I looked up to see my father stomping out of the house slamming the door. I sighed and jogged over to my mother grabbing the first aid kit, I picked up the peroxide and dabbed it onto a cotton ball. I began pressing on the cut as she yelped my name in pain " Diana! " she whined. I sighed " Mum! I have to get it treated before it gets infected! " i yelled as i continued dabbing the cotton ball on her wound " Its not that! " she yelled flinching at the touch of the peroxide " I need you to go stay with the Styles " My mother pleaded her eyes shut closed tightly. I dropped the peroxide bottle on her in shock, Making her scream in pain. " Sorry! " i said grabbing the bottle before it could waste away.. i sighed at the thought of me living in the Styles house " Anne will come pick you up at 4 ok? Just one hour before your father finishes work, It will give you enough time to get to her house. While i'll go live with your aunt Caroline. " She said as  her hands clenched in fist. I can't believe what my mother was saying! " Why can't i live with you and Aunt Caroline? " i asked bandaging her wound, She flinched " Because thats were your father would first think you are, He doesn't know the Styles so its a perfects place! No more arguing understood?! " She yelled opening her eyes and relaxing as i packed up the first aid kit. " Yes mum " i said sighing grabbing the kit and shoving it back in the cabinet. " Now start packing ok love? " she said as she crawled over to the couch laying her head down onto a Cushion. I sighed and jogged up to my room. I swung open my room door and grabbed my Jack Wills duffle bag shoving in my Clothes, My toiletries and everything i need to live with the Styles. I shivered at the thought of what could happened there. Honestly i didn't mind Anne, she is quite sweet and caring. Its her son Harry that i can't bare. His friends Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall and Him have tormented my life, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally in many different ways. I sighed as i continued packing my bag hoping my life was all a dream and i was going to wake up soon.

- 1 hour after -

I heard a car honk knowing it was Anne i sighed and grabbed my duffle bag. I jogged down the stairs and said my final good-bye's to my mother Not knowing if i would ever see her again. Tears began blurring my vision's as i hopped into Anne's car. " It's going to be ok alright you will see her soon and everything will be ok? " she said taking her hands in mine and giving me a heartfelt smile. She was the only one who knew how our life is behind close doors. I flashed her a weary smile as she began driving to my ' New ' Home...

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