Heart String

I was clapping, shouting with the audience around me, but suddenly the focus rested on me. There he walked towards me and began our song. The song we used to sing together.


1. Dear Diary


It was a dark and stormy night and was heavily pouring down with thunder and lightning. Electricity supply was out all through the place. There she was sitting near the window with her diary, where she put all her emotions, thoughts, feelings and her secrets. The secret she never shares with anyone only with her diary. Opening her diary she started her writing


Dear Diary,

I don’t know how to start but today I watched a talk-show where he said that he already has someone special in his life. I don’t understand whether the tears are forming on my eyes were for grief or happiness. My eyes are swollen from the constant two hours of cry. I want to overcome it, May be he doesn’t remember me now. I never know exactly when I fall for him; was it the time when he rescued me from the goons or we promised to never be apart from each other or when we ran together holding hands.  He promised me that he will comeback for me but he never once in this four long years. But still a hope was there until today...

See you soon


I again heard his songs. A vivid memory reminded me the first time we meet each other was when we were only eight years old. It’s like very common story. It all started with a big fight but ended with us being best friends. But now it took me a while to realise that our past was real. I thought he have forgotten me in these four long years. Sometimes I gathered all my courage to call him but cut it just before it connects. Now I read about him on internet, facebook, fan page and talk-shows. I watched how people are admiring him; coping his style. I have to move on, may be sacrifice is the word I can use in my case.


A message popped up on my laptop window making me come back to reality. Ohh...I have forgotten to log out from my email account. I came to my laptop and open that mail it said that I received one of the few invitations to his concert. I didn’t understand if I mean to get one or it’s just a coincident. But I choose the second one. I will go and cheer him standing in the audience. Perhaps I won’t get a chance in future.     

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