Just another story

Bridgit mendler and mariah carey meet a girl name Jordan. Mariah and Bridgit instantly fall in love with Jordan. But when Jess, Jordan's girlfriend gets in the way. They run into some trouble. Then they realize only one of them can have her. Keep reading to hear their stories.


1. Starbucks

Jordan's P.O.V.

It was just a typical day at Starbucks. Movie stars and pop stars coming in and out. Except, today was going to be slightly different. Mariah Carey was going to have her meet & greet today. Stars have meet & greets all the time, but the big thing was I am in charge of being her partner. That's a big deal, because she's a big time artist. She's 25 (not really) and she's a big time star.

Mariah comes in.

"Hey, I'm looking for Jordan."

"That would be me."

She looks up

"Woah! You are very pretty. I heard people that work here don't have lives"

I roll my eyes

" uhm that isn't always true. And I guess I'm your evidence"

She laughs

"Yeah, sorry. Are you a fan of mine?"

I smile

"As a matter a fact I am"

She smiles

"That's good. I would expect my partner to be"

We set up our table and set the CDS. We chat for about an hour and I buy her coffee. She signs CDs for hours and chat to fans for hours. After 8 long hours we go to McDonalds.

"Thanks for bringing me here. I'm not allowed to eat here my boss would kill me" she says

"I bet he would....people say your fat. As far as I can see you look no different."

"I know....they are just haters. Haters make me greater. Anyway I must go, but I had so much fun"

"Me too, we could meet up again sometime"

She hands me her number and gives me and autograph. "Call me sometime" she winks and leaves. I think my life is going to change and big.

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