Just another story

Bridgit mendler and mariah carey meet a girl name Jordan. Mariah and Bridgit instantly fall in love with Jordan. But when Jess, Jordan's girlfriend gets in the way. They run into some trouble. Then they realize only one of them can have her. Keep reading to hear their stories.


2. out and around

Jordan's P.O.V.

I'm sitting at home when my phone rings.

An unknown number. Great. Should I answer it? Yeah, why not? Okay. I pick it up and answer.


"Yeah, hey is this Jordan?" It's mariah

"Meet me at out and around. In five"she says

"Okay bye"

And with that I left

I get to out and around best club ever

"Hey mar- woah!"

Mariah is with her best friend. Bridgit mendler.

"Hey Jordan this is my best friend bridgit. I got to go but I hope you two hit it off"

She leaves

We get through the line smoothly and when we get in we quickly go to the bar.

"Haven't we met before?"

She was right we have. You're about to find out how. And how close we are.

"When I tell you how you're ganna be surprised"

And I start

"In high school, remember how you were the loneliest girl? Anyway you were. Your only friend was Molly and she disses you. Me being the most popular girl, felt bad for you. So when prom came around I took you. You were my high school sweetheart than you became famous. I never said bye and I just want you to know I am rea-"

Before I finish my sentence she kisses me.


I turn around and it's Jess.


Jess is my girlfriend. I'm surprised she's here. Wait, she's here with jasmine.

"I didn't know she had a girlfriend. I just kisses her it's totally my fault." Bridgit says

She shoots Bridgit a dirty look, kisses me on the cheek and leaves.

"Wow bridgit" Mariah was here "she has a girlfriend"

"I didn't know that Jordan had a girlfriend, mariah"

"I know you didn't know, even I didn't know" Mariah said.

We dance together but Mariah seems to be all up against. Not just mariah but Bridgit too. Oh no.I move away and go to the bar.

"Hey Jordan" Mariah said

"Tell mariah about your BFF" bridgit said

"Well girls, we aren't really friends anymore we've drifted apart. But why not. I was at school and there was melani sitting alone, she was bring picked on by Jessica and I actually punched Jess. I toke Mel home and we were always hanging out. That's how we became bffs I really miss her though. But I would rather not talk about it." I say

"Wait! Melani king?"Mariah says

"Uhm yea" I say

"OMG! I know her she's my make up artist!" Mariah says

I know I'm taken but right then and there I kissed mariah and I know it was wrong but,why do wrong things always feel right? I could see bridgit glaring at Mariah and Mariah was blushing. They're fan girling uh oh.

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