Just another story

Bridgit mendler and mariah carey meet a girl name Jordan. Mariah and Bridgit instantly fall in love with Jordan. But when Jess, Jordan's girlfriend gets in the way. They run into some trouble. Then they realize only one of them can have her. Keep reading to hear their stories.


3. melani king

Jordan's P.O.V.

So this is how it went after we danced.

"Let's talk about high school"Mariah said

"I was a loner not much there" bridgit said

"Well, I'll go then. So there was this amazing girl melani and she was so amazing. She was the most amazing person I knew. Still one of the most amazing p-" I said

"We get it Jordan she's amazing" M said

"Oh, anyway she was my BFF. And we did everything together and one day in high school when I asked bridgit out she moved. And that's when my life began but also fell apart and I miss her soo much. But I don't want her to come back to my mind I want her back In life. Although Jess and her always hated each other I didn't care." I said

"Wait, Mel king?" M said

"Yes" I said

"OMG she's my hair dresser." M said

"Bridgit, J come on."

We left and now we're off to see Mel. Amazingly awesome

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