My life as a witch

(This is a Harry Potter fan-fic but takes place after Harry defeated Voldemort)

I'm Clarissa Lamond, I'm a first year at Limos Academy. My BFFs are Madison (AKA Madi) Harris and Talia Willis. Welcome to our world! This is our legacy and our story. It's mostly told by me, I hope you like it!


10. Who's the new guy?

I found myself woken up by the sunlight, "I'm late!" I yell as I get out of bed. "Why didn't Madi or Talia wake me up?" I grumble. "Oh yeah" I was looking at a photo of us from last year. I only tear my eyes away when I hear Roxi, Nala, and Lee coming up to our dorm. I grabbed my clothes and did a spell that changed my clothing, I grabbed my stuff an  headed down to the common. I looked over to our usual spot and the guys weren't there. 'Must be at the dining pavilion already' I thought. There was a sound of laughter coming from where Journey sat. She was laughing at a guy in our year. "Hey Journey, who's this?" I asked as casually as I could. "This is Dillon, he's Max's cousin" she said. I felt my stomach drop at that, I've heard of him. He's exactly how Max described him. "I'm gonna be late for Potions, see you guys later!" I called over my shoulder. 

When I got into the potions dungeon I saw Max and Tanner had saved a spot for me at their table. I practically ran over there as Nouret came in. "Thanks" I whispered. They nodded in understanding. Luckily this time we didn't get into detention, although Zaria Donela blew up her cauldron and Tia Lanel started  crying. I hate this class. That's why I'm going to Headmistress Ala and asking to be moved to a different class. Of course when I told the guys my plan they objected. But we do agree that astronomy is useless. What are we going to do? Move the stars with magic? Never gonna happen, well from me anyway. 


"I don't know guys... it seems awfully dangerous" I said. "Since when bag  You been worried about danger?" Tanner asked. "Since you've wanted to do this! I'm not dong it!" I said firmly. "Not even if we.." I cut him off, "I'm not helping you do this!!!" I said. "What are they gonna do?" Nala asked. "They want to change the alignment of the stars to say 'i <3(heart) u' for some girl. She is so lucky and she  doesn't realize it" I said wistfully. I didn't know it but the boys were getting nervous. If I found out I was the girl they'd have to call it off. I went over to talk to them and said, "ok, I'll do it! But don't blow any thing up!" I warned. They needed me in this, I was the only one who knew the spell. Heck, I came up with it. 

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