My life as a witch

(This is a Harry Potter fan-fic but takes place after Harry defeated Voldemort)

I'm Clarissa Lamond, I'm a first year at Limos Academy. My BFFs are Madison (AKA Madi) Harris and Talia Willis. Welcome to our world! This is our legacy and our story. It's mostly told by me, I hope you like it!


18. What happened to him!?!?!??


 "He's dead!" Bri cried. I knew Ben and Bri were secretly dating. Ben was found dead in our Common. Ben had been killed savagely with no mercy. "Who killed him?" Bri screamed. Wanting revenge, obviously. I mean, who would have seen their boyfriend killed and not want revenge? Let me catch you up on relationships. 





Bri/Ben (Dead)





Who could it be? I though. "Bri, I will avenge his death", I vowed. "Let me kill him or her though." She said. "Do what ever you want" I said. I had to find who killed my friend. 

      The next morning I went to see Headmistress Ala. "Headmistress!" I cried bursting into her office. "Yes?" She asked, looking up from her paper-work. Looking young, but grim as always. "You look nice today" I said, honestly. We all know, the way to get Jessica Ala to do what you want is to compliment her on her hideous suited skirt (Blazer & Skirt). "Thank you. You're looking nice as well. Your uniform looks freshly pressed" She said, nodding in approval. "Thank you", I blushed.

      I forgot to mention in the last 17 chapters that we have uniforms. Female Uniforms: White blouse, dark blue skirt (In the winter dark blue wool skirt), black tights, black shoes, dark blue blazer, dark blue baretta, (Bah-ray), golden pin on blazer. Male Uniforms: White shirt, black pants, black socks, black shoes, dark blue blazer, gold pin on blazer. The pin will either have a Dawnlight symbol, eagle{Blue/Silver}, Shadowsky, snake{Green/Bronze}, Rainfall, lion{Red/Gold}, or Sundrop, badger{Yellow/Black}. The school colors are dark blue and white/black. Lucky for us Dawnlight, that's pretty similar to our colors.


"What did you come to talk about, Ms. Lamond?"

"I need to get some time out of classes." 

"Someone died and I need to figure out who" I said coolly like it was a normal day. 

"Ah, yes. I head about Mr. Jonson's death. I am so sorry about that." She was legitimately sad about it. "Mr. Jonson? Oh! You mean Ben" I said. "Yes. Your friend, Ben,'s last name is Jonson. His sister Alexandria never told you? That's a shocker" She mumbled the last part. "Yes, Alexandria is very upset over his death. She would like to help you figure out who did it." She said. "Alexandria is younger than Ben. Isn't she?" "No, she is only a month older. Lucy is younger, Donnie is older. His brother Alexander, is also upset. Alexander and  Alexandria are twins." She says. "She goes by Alex. He goes my Alexander." She said. "You may have one week off to find the culprit who killed my so- student. You may go" She said. She was about to say son! I said to myself. 


"Hey! Alex! Alexander!" I called to the twins. Alex was a tall, slender girl, with thin waist length brown hair, that she usually kept in a pony-tail. She had light skin, a light dusting of freckles, and dark brown eyes that turned leaf-green when she was mad or happy.    Alexander was a bit shorter, but still slender. He had short brown hair, green eyes (That stayed green), no freckles, pale skin. 


The twins turned to see me running at them, my, newly cut, short blonde hair bouncing after me. "Yes?" Alex said sweetly. "How may we help you?" Alexander said, with a hint of sarcasm. Alex was annoyed at her brother, so she deiced to punch him in the gut. He doubled over gasping for breath. "Alex!" He grunted. "Yes, my darling brother?" She said, through gritted teeth. "Don't do that" He ,again, grunted. "Anyway," I said, ignoring the fighting, "I need your guys' help. With your brother's murderer." I say. "Okay!" Alex squeals. "Um, I love my brother and all... but I can't" Alexander said. "I promised to help kil-I mean, help out a friend!" He laughed nervously and ran off. "He killed him" Alex said bluntly. "No, I don't think his own brother would" I said, shaking my head. I started a list, of who could've killed him and who didn't.



Alex- highly doubt it

Alexander- doubt it, but is still a suspect

Donnie: Doubt it [plus, I've never seen her before]-Maybe

Lucy: She isn't old enough to be at Lumos! (No)


Talia- NO
Madi- NO

Bri- she isn't that mean! (NO)|
Journey- no

Lauryn- no

Emily- Isn't often around (maybe)

Tanner: no

Max: no

Tyler: no

Dillon: Isn't often around (maybe)

Jeffrey: Isn't often around (maybe)



"I can't think of anyone else" I say to Alex, that night. We're in her dorm (Maplesap) {Also in Dawnlight} "I don't know" I say shaking my head. "Is it... no, you have her down. Could it be... no, you have them down too. I don't know either!" Alex says. "Lissa! Cam Alexander want to talk to you!" Talia calls up. "Okay!" I shout back down to her. "I'll be right back." I say to Alex as I get off the top of her bunk-bed. (All the different dorms have different themes. Willowbend is music, Maplesap is camp (they have bunk-beds!), Oakheart is castle) 

I go down and see a familiar face, from Rainfall. "How did you find our Common?" I ask him, pushing him against the wall, my dagger to his throat. "Alex told me where it is" He choked. I let him go, but stared him down. "What do you want Alexander?" I asked. "I came to tell you who might've done it. I saw Emily cleaning a bloody knife. It might be her. I saw Jeffrey with her. Muttering about someone. I didn't catch the name, but it was someone", he was panting, as if he had been running for miles. "Thanks for the info I already knew" I said sarcastically, as I turned away. "You already knew?" "Yes! Now leave. Before I get locked out of the Common!" I hissed at him, as I opened the door. 

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