My life as a witch

(This is a Harry Potter fan-fic but takes place after Harry defeated Voldemort)

I'm Clarissa Lamond, I'm a first year at Limos Academy. My BFFs are Madison (AKA Madi) Harris and Talia Willis. Welcome to our world! This is our legacy and our story. It's mostly told by me, I hope you like it!


3. The Sorting

(A.N. Sorry this chapter might be short!)

It turns out that what they use to sort is a hat. At the beginning of the start of the year gathering she sings this is her song this year

When this school was first founded, they needed a way to sort the young children. Raylin Rainfall thought of a test of courage, Sherwood Sundrop thought of a test of loyalty, Samuel Shadsky thought of a test of ambition, but only Danielle Dawnlight thought of me. So she took me off her head and they put a peice of their knowledge in me to decide where to put you when their gone. So come on up, don't be scared, I'll put you where you belong. 

Everyone caped at the end. The sorting had started.

"Aly, Nicole"



"Benting, Louisa"



Soon enough it came to 

"Lamond, Clarissa"

I came up, shoulders back, head high. Or at least tried to. 

"Hmm... Courage,  Ambition, lots of Loyalty. DAWNLIGHT!" It said. 

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