My life as a witch

(This is a Harry Potter fan-fic but takes place after Harry defeated Voldemort)

I'm Clarissa Lamond, I'm a first year at Limos Academy. My BFFs are Madison (AKA Madi) Harris and Talia Willis. Welcome to our world! This is our legacy and our story. It's mostly told by me, I hope you like it!


8. The Evil Witch

In any good story the villain(if female) tries to take the hero from the damsel in distress. In this story, that is Briana Harpy. Her sidekicks are Lauren Toole and Journey Nixen. Emily Pella follows them around. We all call Briana Bri. She used to go to our school when we were younger. She and her friends are pure bloods. We all used to go to school together in Long Island South(LIS).


I was studying for the Astronomy test next week, under a willow tree outside, when I heard Bri and her "friends" talking. "I don't think she's a threat" Journey said, her short brown hair bouncing in the breeze. "You said that with Tawny too. And was she a threat? She almost took us down!" Bri hissed. "Well, I think we should befriend her. Just incase" Lauren said in her normal sassy voice. "Who are we talking about?" Emily asked. "Lamond and her friends" Bri sneered.  Bri, Journey, Lauren, and Emily were all in Shadowsky. 

The bell was about to sound, so I started packing up my stuff to go to Charms. I was  looking around for Madi, she has Charms with me on Tuesdays, when Bri came up to me. "Hey Clarissa! Long time no see! How've ya been?" She asked in a sweet girly tone. "I've been fine, how are you?" I asked. "I'm good, I was wondering if you and your friends would want some Shadowsky students as an ally" she said. I stood up and slung my bad over my shoulder. Pretending to care and to acctualy think about it. "I'll talk to the girls about it, Kay?" I said sweetly. I was actually counting the seconds. The bell rung and I rushed off. Behind me I heard Bri say, " I think she actually bought it". I most certainly did not! As I got into Charms, Dewlily was taking attendance. "Lamond, Clarissa?" She called. "Here" I called back. I noticed Madi was gone from her usual seat beside me. I looked around and Madi isn't anywhere where I can see her. I even look at our 3 way mirror that we share with Talia, she's not there. After class I went up to Professor Dewlily and asked "Do you know where Madi is?" "Yes, she's in the Hospial Wing with Madam Rose getting fixed up from a flying accident." She said. "Thanks!" I call as I leave. I should've known! Madi's terrible on a broom! I go to see her in the hospital wing and she's looking pretty bad. My next class would be at midnight so I had a good solid 3 to 4 hours. Talia was next to her bed looking grimly at Madi. She was facing away so she couldn't see me. Madi's mouth wasn't hurt, let's just say that. She was rattling off a list of things, that I couldn't hear. Madam Rose and Madam Daisy hadn't noticed me yet, so I got a little closer. I started to listen in and I hid behind a curtain. "-she's just so mean! She thinks she's the smartest person ever, well news flash Lissa! Your not!" Madi said. A lot of people call me Lissa, Lizy, or even Liza. "Yeah, I totally agree with you. I can't believe we have to share a dorm with her. When you can walk again we should go up to Professor Ala and demand to be moved. Or have her be moved." Talia said. I  you've ever  had your friends talk like that behind your back, you know how I feel. "She's such a jerk!" Madi says. "Total idiot" Tal agrees. Just then I step out from the curtain and they see me. "Is that what you think of me?" I ask on the verge of tears. "How much have you heard?" Madi demands. "Enough to know you hate me!" I said angrily. And I storm off the common room.

"Cubic Zirconia" I mutter. The passage way opens to the dawnlight common. The guys look over and see me coming through the passage, looking very sad. "What's wrong?" Max asks. "Madi and Talia. Their what's wrong!" I say. I start crying again and run up to the girls dorms. As I entered Willowbend(our dorm), Roxi, Nala, and Lee-Anne look at me. I run out of the dorm to the Room of  Requirement. I ask for somewhere where no one can get in and I can be alone. Sure enough that's what it gives me. As I walk in I see a plate with a few cookies on. And a stand where I redo my makeup. I sit on on  of the stacks of fluffy pillows and cry my heart out. After a while I go back to my dorm to get my stuff for astronomy. Before I left I redid my makeup. As I left I passes Talia. I ignored the wanting to cry, but I kept going and got to the passage. "Cubic Zirconia" I said. Nothing happened. I waited there and Cam came out. She was in such a rush she didn't notice me. Media said if we didn't have our stuff she'd give us detention. I ran to the astronomy tower and Nexia was doing roll call. "Lissa Lamond?" She called. "Here,"I said. "Where's your stuff?" She asked. "I was locked out of the common, Cam as  in such a rush she couldn't tell me the new password" I said. Cam blushed madly. "Detention after class for both of you." She said. After class I told Nexia about last time and she said "This is something I NEED you to to though!" "Fine" I grumbled. While Cam and I worked in the cold night she said "Why'd you have to through me under the bus?" "I was just telling the truth. "I said. That night back in the Common, Max was waiting for me. "Hey,"he said as I trudged in. "Hey" I replied. I sat next to him on the couch next to the fire. "I'm so cold!" I whispered. He got closer and touched my hand. "You are cold! Let me help warm you" he said. He grabbed a fleece blanked and wraps  it around the both of us. He got closer and we were sitting there for most of the night. "I don't want to go back to my dorm" I whispered. "Why?" He asks. So I told him the whole story of Bri and Talia and Madi and by the end I'm crying. And he's comforting me. We both promise never to tell the guys about it. 

(A/N   it hurt me to write this chapter, I can imagine my own friends doing this to me! Tell what you think in the comments!!!!)

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