My life as a witch

(This is a Harry Potter fan-fic but takes place after Harry defeated Voldemort)

I'm Clarissa Lamond, I'm a first year at Limos Academy. My BFFs are Madison (AKA Madi) Harris and Talia Willis. Welcome to our world! This is our legacy and our story. It's mostly told by me, I hope you like it!


6. Teachers and classes (part 2)

This is a list of teachers and the classes they teach. (And how nice they are)

Professor Dewlily-Charms :)  (woman)

Professor Nexia- Astronomy :)   (woman)

Professor Blu- Herbology :]  (man)

Professor Nouret- Potions :(   (man)

Professor Nell- Transfiguration :) (woman)

​Professor Soma- History of Magic :/  (woman)

Professor Patel- Flying :\   (man)

Professor Trina- Defence against the dark arts :)  (woman)

Professor Ala Headmistress :)   (used to teach Care of Magical Creatures)



(A.N. Hey guys! Im gonna try to make the chapters longer. This is my first FanFic, BTW. PLEEEEZZZZE!!!!!!!! COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need your advice! What should she do in the story? I don't know! Comment and tell me what you think Clarissa, Talia, and Madi should do. Bye!)

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