My life as a witch

(This is a Harry Potter fan-fic but takes place after Harry defeated Voldemort)

I'm Clarissa Lamond, I'm a first year at Limos Academy. My BFFs are Madison (AKA Madi) Harris and Talia Willis. Welcome to our world! This is our legacy and our story. It's mostly told by me, I hope you like it!


24. Authors Note

Hey guys! I really hope you liked this story, I will be making a sequel called 'My Life as a Witch: Book 2'. I know I didn't put in the characters from the Character Contest. I promise I will in the Next book. I'm going to give you some hints on what happens. 2 kids will die instead of 1, there will be more romance, and there will even be a reviving of someone who dies. I'm not saying who!!! Well, I hope you read the next book. 


Thanks for reading!!! Bye!


-Love, from your author and co-author

Moonwish12(author) and ClawClaw51(co-author)


P.S. PLEASE READ THE NEXT BOOK!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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